Work in progress…

work in progress

Imagine my surprise when my belly didn’t shrink after my son was born… 7 years ago! I admit I did gained a bit more than I probably should have. I am talking here about a nearly 70 pounds gained over 8 months. In case you didn’t know this yet, I highly doubt it, that is not healthy weight wain even for a pregnancy. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that losing that weight was not easy. Actually, it is still not easy. This is about my journey to a healthier. All I want is to become a better version of myself. A better Kim than I was yesterday. I am not competing with the other girls I follow on Instagram, or my friend who shrink back to pre-pregnancy with abs included (yup, I am rolling my eyes a bit here), or the amazing fitness figures I follow. I just wanna be me, but the best possible version of me. Is a work in progress. I try to work out every morning, to make healthy food choices, to read more about fitness related articles, and of course Pin a ton of workout ideas that I am sure hoping one day I will actually be capable of doing.

Follow me through this process. Let’s do it together. Maybe you have already reached your fitness goals and you want to give me advise. That’s cool, I will take it! Or maybe you need inspiration and motivation to drag your booty to the gym or to be able to order the salad instead of the french fries. I am here for you! Life can be hard, but when you have people to help you, support you, and push you if needed, it is like a piece of cake which ironically I can’t quite eat much right now, but you know what I mean!

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