DIY Gender Reveal Party Decor


First of, congrats on your baby! Such an amazing time in your life. Lots of challenges come with pregnancy, but also so many more rewards and satisfactions. You are expecting and you probably have already announced the great news to family and friends by now. New trends are always adapted and kind of expected for certain life events such as a cute engagement picture, cute Christmas cards, a creative pregnancy announcement picture, and you know basically anything that includes cute pictures carefully thought and put together. And in that area you can add a gender reveal party with of course a cute reveal idea! Here are some ideas I collected and found extremely easy to prepare myself to share our exciting news with friends and family.

Our baby’s gender wasn’t a secret to my husband and I. We have two little ones, a boy and a girl, and already know how to tell the difference during the ultrasound. Our ultrasound technician made sure we wanted to know before confirming our suspicions. During the ultrasound she checked key organs first (like the heart, stomach, liver) and when she started looking for the “other stuff”, two arms, two legs and the gender showed up. We were so excited, and decided it would be absolutely fun to have a reveal/diaper party to share the news. I am not a miserable pregnant lady yet, but I like to stick to simple ideas that area easy to prepare because of my limited time. Keep reading to learn more about the things we did and you can too.

Now, if this is your first baby and you want to be surprised, then there’s other options. In my case is limited because only my mom and brother live here. My family on my mother’s side are all in Guatemala. My family on my father’s side are in SoCal mainly. My husband’s family are spread between NY, Nicaragua and Brazil. I have some great friends here in the Bay Area, but I don’t want to force myself on anyone so it made sense for us to take care of it ourselves. If you have a relative or close friend who can organize this for you, then that’s awesome! You’ll have to coordinate with your OB so they can inform this person the baby’s gender and she (my guess is a lady, but if it’s a guy, he why not?!) will be the one doing the planning and surprising you, hubby, family and friends!

Some of the simple stuff was to grab both pink and blue cups and utensils from the dollar store, but you can also head to other places like Party City, is just a bit more pricey. I had my little ones help me with a lot of the things. I love putting parties together and making decorations myself and look for things that my kids can help me with to keep them busy. I rather them helping me than watching TV so is a win-win situation! My daughter helped me to stack the cups alternating the colors. I also got pink and blue ribbons and create utensil sets by combining colors too, and used the ribbon to keep them together.


I also had them help me with other decorations. We (and by we, I mean my son and daughter) colored clothespins with blue and pink color. I placed these ones in a table with a sign: “BLUE or PINK what do you think? Please wear your guess”. I created a heart shape-like with the pins. One half was just blue pins and the other just pink pins. If you paid close attention, the pins weren’t perfectly colored because my kids colored them. If you’re a perfectionist, then maybe you should have an adult color them so they all are exactly the same with the lines very well defined. In my case, my kids’ work of art was perfect!


I am also well known to prepare games for everyone attending the party! Even if it’s a kids party, I try to select or modify the games so the adults can be involved too. Is about everyone having fun! So I prepared also some games and prizes. I decided to use mason jars for the prizes and spell the phrase: HE OR SHE? I used blue tissue paper for the jars making the word “HE” which were meant to be prizes for adult men attending the party. I used mini candy bars to fill them up and added a gift card to Starbucks which I figured is so neutral that is okay for a man to receive one. I used yellow tissue paper for the jars making the word “OR” and “?” which were meant to be prizes for kids. I wanted to very neutral for the kids so I just filled them up with mini candy bars because as much as parents we hate them having too much of it, is what they love! I used pink tissue for the jars making the word “SHE” which were the ones for the ladies. I went to Target and got toiletries to make it into a mini beauty jar: nail kit, nail polish, mud mask and hand sanitizer. I used the jars as part of the decorations until it was time to play the games and win prizes! Some game ideas are blind folded feeding the baby (I made a prop for this one using foam boards and asked attending couples to play), shake the ants off your pants, lady peeing in the jar, preggo people tying their shoes. All simple and fun games that had us laughing so hard and sharing a good time!

After the games we did the actual gender reveal.  Before we revealed the baby’s gender, I requested to take pictures with both Team Blue and Team Pink. I made this simple signs with a foam board. My idea for the actual reveal was for my kids to open up the box and share the news. I used a large box, covered with white paper (I used back of Xmas left over wrap), made a heart that said “He or She?” and stuffed it with the balloons. To make it easier for my kids to open I placed tissue paper around the edges, alternating blue and pink, and tight it at the top with some yarn so it was easier for them just to pull off the knot and the balloons to release. Oh yes, it’s a boy btw!


I also made special cupcakes which were plan B for gender reveal. Baked some vanilla cupcakes, scooped out the center, filled it in with blue frosting, covered them with some of the cake I scooped out. I frosted them using chocolate frosting even though I know not everyone likes chocolate, but it was to keep that black/white neutral that used in the invite and decorations. I drew a “?” in top of the cupcakes with white icing and, ta-da!

This are some of the things I did for our gender reveal party. I hope you find them useful when is your turn to prepare one for yourself or a friend.

‘Til next time!

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