All-day yoga pants?

Am I the only person who gets annoyed by women wearing their yoga pants all day?! (to include actually any workout leggings and such) Seriously! Is it too much to ask for them to change after the gym? I think not! But, oh wait… they don’t even go to the gym! They just wear them all day because it’s comfortable and I think that is so beyond wrong!

Sure, I know you want to go out and about your day and be comfy. Me too! But I seriously don’t understand why women refuse to do the small effort to wear something comfy that is not gym clothes because they don’t even go to the gym! Could this be the reason it drives me nuts? That they dress as if they are going to the gym but they don’t do it? It could be. After all, I get pretty upset because my busy life doesn’t allow me to spend as much time at the gym as I wish or to go as often as I would want. So seeing all these women walking around as if they are running errands after their workout makes me upset because I don’t get to go the gym! Well, I think that is just part of the problem. My evil selfish inner person who wants it all but can’t have it all because it’s too busy conquering the world gets crazy jealous seeing others going to the gym… or looking as if they are going to the gym!

I know I’ve read somewhere that when someone is trying to workout more they should wear their gym clothes because you are more likely to workout once you’re in your workout gear. Makes sense. I think so, don’t you? And that part I support. I mean there’s research behinds this and it does make a lot of sense. If I will have a workout late at night, I change into my gym clothes right after I am done with dinner and wear them while I get my kiddos ready for bed and while I prepare whatever I need to until enough time has passed that I can safely workout. If I don’t change into my clothes I do the things I need to do, and maybe snack on something unhealthy and that point is like: “forget it, not going to the gym anymore, and oh yes, hello Netflix!”. Now note that after I change into my workout clothes I only stay home not go out to the store or a restaurant or anywhere other than the gym… interesting.

If you are wearing your yoga pants because you took a yoga class and then had to go buy stuff at the mall, for instance, but decided to save yourself 15 mins that it takes for a really, really, really quick shower and a change of clothes, then sure, I get. Still, I think you can change clothes before leaving the gym. Even small gyms have a locker room, right? So go change before you leave feeling glorious about not listening to you inner fatty asking you to just sit at home and watch Netflix while eating ice cream and popcorn instead of those 25 minutes in the ellipitical + 20 mins in the assisted weight machines… you know, for instance! My point was, if you’re short of time and need to get a lot done with a deadline, then sure, I’ll give you a pass.

But the truth is that I see more and more women out and about in their workout clothes. And there are many of them whom I know don’t even go to the gym or workout at home. They just want to be comfortable. Yes me too, but for me that means jeans, t-shirt and sneakers. I do admit that this is “my look” all the time. I don’t do well in high heels… ever! I use them only if I really have to and even then they are not really high heels. Now let me get to another great point while at it even though is not totally related but it kinda is, ya know? I hate to see ladies at parties, club, or even a concert struggling with high heels!! You can see the pain of walking with those shoes. Yes you can! They walk slow and often are assisted by their date because their legs are a bit on the jelly mode. Not all but many of them pick “sexy” over comfortable. I mean what is the point of wearing high heels if you can’t comfortable walk in them or dance or enjoy anything?! So on that note, my “heels” are hardly high and I make sure I am comfortable enough to last all night dancing in them if I wanted to because I think is gross to walk barefooted anywhere that is not the clean floor of your own house… yup. Ok, let’s get back on track.

If you want to be comfortable while out and about wear comfortable clothes that are meant for that purpose. Ha, clarification here! Sure your PJs are comfy but does that make it acceptable for you to run errands in them? No. Heck-to-the-NO! Change before you leave the house for crying out loud! I know that more people make workout clothes “fashionable” these days by pairing it with sandals or adding a jean jacket for instance. And while your effort is sure appreciated please take the hint and freaking change!

The End.

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