The Many Looks of Kim

One of the things I am ridiculously daring with is my hair. I know many women who care about their hair a big deal. Most of them have long hair, and cutting an inch off is a big deal to them. Me on the other hand, don’t mind experimenting with my hair. Maybe that’s one of the reasons people forget about me… or is not that they forget me is that I look different very often so they don’t recognize me easily. Life is short, so is good to be crazy about at least one thing. For me, is my hair.

So just recently I reached the shortest I have ever had. And let me tell you that getting to this point wasn’t easy, but I am glad I dared to do it. Why?

  1. First because is ridiculously easier to get my hair done in the mornings. Seriously! I just washed it comb it a bit and done. If I am not washing my hair, I don’t have to do anything else really. Brush it sure because I don’t appreciate tangled hair.
  2. I’ve always wondered how would I look with a pixie-like haircut. I’ve had a short bob to my shoulders in the past but never shorter than that until now. Curiosity is a good reason to try new things!
  3. I found this quote on Pinterest and it really resonates with it. Femininity is associated with long hair, dresses, makeup but a woman can still shine through with her own style and without any of the obvious elements. short hair
  4. Because if I don’t like how it looks, I can just let it grow out again. No big deal. Sure it won’t happen in days but if I am in a rush for long hair I could wear a wig and sure why not?!

I’ve received many compliments with my new haircut. And do you remember how I was wondering for the longest if it would suit my face shape? I am sure part of it, might be people been nice because there’s no need to be mean to me especially since I go around minding my own business and not messing with others. But I truly feel there is some true to it. It does look fine. I do look good, and in fact I feel pretty! So I wanted to share some of the many looks I’ve had over the past years. We go through phases in life, and while I wouldn’t describe my life as a rollercoaster, my sure hair would disagree with that.

I am telling you, so much fun! I think I will do a few more things to my hair. I am seriously considering shaving the side a bit or more like a lot, but I want the top part to be longer and even as there’s a bit of a bangs-like there now and I want it all about the same length if possible. I am also considering a lighter brown or caramel-like color but that one is an slight idea still. We’ll see what happens next!

Now writing a post about my crazy hair is okay but I am sure you are wondering what is in it for you. Well, I guess the only thing I can say is don’t be afraid to take chances. Not all haircuts were good, perfect, or actually worked for me, but I tried. Sure this post is about haircuts but maybe there is something else that has created a little spark inside of you and you are wondering if you need to shut it down or let it shine. I say, let it shine! Give it chance. Curiosity can be a great thing. Your best ideas might be these small sparks but you can turn that into fireworks! Just let it be. Give it chance. Even if you fail, you always win a lesson and that sure is at the very least hella worth it.

Hope you enjoy the reading and consider allowing curiosity be a factor in your life. Feel free to send me any hair recommendations you have because as I said, I am always open to try new things.



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