Well, hello there Happiness!

So browsing around my reader I ran into some great posts. One that called very much my attention was one of those who list things that make the author happy. I have read many of those because I think sometimes is a great reminder to stop and think what are those things that bring happiness to our heart. I know there are also the ones with lists of reasons why a person is this or that, but today let’s talk happy thoughts, shall we?

5 Things That Make Mommy Kim Happy

  1. Enjoying my cup of coffee. Please take note that I said enjoying not drinking because let me tell ya, those two are very much different. I can drink/sip coffee while on the move (walking the kids to school or while driving for instance) or while doing something (while working on my laptop) or while having a conversation with friends. Those, however, are not necessarily  enjoying a cup’o Joe moments because that only happens when it is just you and your coffee with no agenda. I can make me a cup of coffee, get busy doing something, and next thing I know my coffee is getting cold. This happens all the time! So, when I do have the time to sit down and just enjoy my coffee with nothing to worry about, that makes me happy alright!
  2. Banana bread. Oh-Ma-Gawd!! I love banana bread. My really good friends know that if they want to make me oh so very happy, they bake me some banana bread because if I haven’t said it here yet, cooking is not my forte and baking is not one thing I do at all. Banana bread and me? We get along very well.
  3. Pushing through to complete a workout round. I know this one is like: wait what? whatcha mean? you crazy! But remember I am fitness enthusiast, and when I am at the gym I enjoy pushing myself outside of my comfort zone and trying to increase the amount of weight I can lift or doing one more rep or jumping higher. You get it right?! So when I am working out, and then my body is like: mama let’s take a break, my mind goes: heck no! And trying my absolute best to finish the round/circuit strong gives me this sense of accomplishment and happiness. I got this!
  4. Making others laugh. It makes me very much of a happy pants person to send memes in responses to my very good friends. I only do it with people who I am very comfortable with. We start a conversation whether it is trough email, IM or text and the conversation is playing in my head and then I have a response that I feel can be expressed with the right feelings through a meme or GIF. When I am so comfortable with a person, and I can find the right meme/GIF to send, I get this happy feeling and even when I am work, I don’t mind LOL (the physical kind).
  5. This last one will be very much of a mommy one but that’s my life. At night, I check on my kids before I go to bed. Most of the time they are doing what they are supposed to: sleeping. So I give them a kiss and whisper I love you baby in their ear. I always get these feelings of love, comfort, safety and happiness. Something so simple can make my heart so happy.

Okay, I think this is enough for now to get you started with your own list. Please feel free to share.

Til’ next time. Cheerios!


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