A Quick Note:

Just remember:

Not every day is perfect.  Not all paths are clear from obstacles. Not every shoot will  be a score. Life can be challenging, actually crazy challenging. Things get rough, actually crazy rough. And that is all okay.

Sometimes we feel confident. Other times we doubt ourselves. And every here and there we struggle… doing things as scheduled, staying on track, following up with someone or something, opening a jar, sticking to the diet, not eating the whole bag of chips, getting our kids to listen, getting our significant other to listen, getting coworkers to listen, keeping our finances on check, flossing every damn day, not eating out, calling that one relative or friend we’ve meaning to call for days, weeks even months… we struggle. And that is all okay.

I am not here to tell you it is okay to aim for failure because shit happens. I am here to tell you that if it happens, you can dust it off your shoulder, lift your head, fix that crown (yup, you dudes can do that too cuz hello kings), and keep on going to do your thing! I know it is not easy. But it is oh so worth it. Don’t forget that. Never forget that.

Just remember, it is okay if sometimes you miss the goal as long as you don’t stop trying. Every try means more practice. More practice means more experience. More experience means you got this!



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