Unplugging Social Media

We are not even half way through the second month of the year and I gave up social media for most of the first. Why? Because I had wrongly submerged in social media a bit too much in the past. How do you know that? Well, when you say to yourself I will not check on Facebook or Instagram today and this voice inside of you is going “no please just check real quick“, then there is a problem. So I tried hard, and don’t get me wrong, I did struggle at first but then I realized it was not just doable but also worth it. Why? Because you spend a large amount of your time just scrolling and liking things, you are making a decision to spend your time that way… or waste it that way if there is something else that is perhaps more important and rewarding to do.

That’s what happened to me. I found myself having more time do to other things. Less distractions at work and at home. Have you noticed how many more posts I had this last month versus most of last year? My productivity increased quite some. It took me just a few minutes to link my social media to my blog so that if I published something this would share automatically to my FB and twitter (although I don’t really know how to use twitter, oh well!) and I was sharing more without getting distracted with social media stuff. So I do need social media to share my blog? Well, my purpose for this blog is to share thoughts, experiences, stuff. I don’t have a gazillion followers and that is okay but I have a great group of friends who support me as a blogger and writer. They read my stuff, give me feedback, help me grow. And if there is ever a little something for them to take and make it their own, even better! A golden nugget for you is all I want and try to share.

So I have decided that I will use lent time to unplug once more and use that time for other things I really need. For instance, this semester I am back in school with two business classes that are quite demanding. So I can use more time to read and study. Along that, I am taking a class at work to improve my leadership skills. This class also requires me to do some reading to prep for next class so I can sure use more time for that. And one of the things I have been doing that makes me extremely happy and that I have kept to myself and my family is praying more and participating in a couple’s group at church. I sure can use more time to dedicate to this especially during lent season.

So, I will be taking another break. My blog is kinda therapeutical for me, so I am not sure I will take a break from this. But with all I have going on at least until mid-May, I anticipate less time to write for now. So maybe there will be less posts here but know that I will continue to grow mentally, spiritually and physically as the workouts are still happening. I encourage you all do to the same. I don’t mean quit social media but do the things that help you grow as an individual.


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