I’d Rather Be…

Making a little time to check on my blog while at work. Hey, it happens! I organize myself well to make little chunks of time here and there and catch up on other things. It is called being organized! And as I am going through my reader I see today’s challenge: What would the end of this phrase would say if it was a bumper sticker on my car? Well, let’s find out.

It is a rainy and cold day in San Jose, CA. We usually have fair weather but this week’s forecast it is full of cloudy days and rain. And I am currently sitting on my desk at work. It is an open space environment with some bright walls here and there. It is on the quiet side today but it usually is like this most days. Someone decorated our office for St. Patty’s so there are green tissue paper balls hanging and there is a “Happy St. Patrick’s Day” banner hanging in front of my desk. I have my water bottle next to me, and it’s half way full still and I am also hungry. Didn’t had time for my usual breakfast this morning and I don’t want to snack on unhealthy stuff that is available so trying to power through lunch time. Considering all of this I have two rather be’s for my current situation:

I’d Rather Be Eating Pho! Considering the current weather I would much rather some warm soup. Whenever the day is gray, my happy place is pho or hot pot. pho

I’d Rather Be At The Beach! Now let me clarify a bit more on this one because my perfect day at the beach is probably a lot different that what most people picture. I live in Northern California and when you go to the beach here is usually not necessarily short shorts, bikini tops, blended alcoholic drinks you sip with an umbrella straw, you get the picture right? The water is pretty cold on this area and sure you might go and get some sunshine but I wouldn’t think we spend our time in the beach the exact same way our SoCal buddies do. My favorite day at the beach is sunny but a bit chilly so you wanna bring a lightweight hoodie, a blanket, a book and a good cup of coffee to enjoy while reading the book and the wave sounds in the background. Now that is a great day at the beach for me! (btw, that’s not me in the picture just wanted to give you an idea of it) chill beach

There you have it! I don’t have a sticker on my bumper about anything really because the truth is that with the many changes life has for me all the time, I have the need to adjust. Not sure there is a constant “rather be” for me because I want prefer different things at different times.


via Photo Challenge: I’d Rather Be…

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