It is Administrative Professionals Day!

Yes it is! Today April 25, 2018 we celebrate administrative professionals in the US. This day is celebrated on the last Wednesday of April and some companies make it a full week celebration because if you don’t know that yet, let me tell you, we are freaking awesome!

So, I’ve shared a bunch of stuff on this blog and I am not sure that I have mentioned before that for a living I am Administrative Professional. I feel the need, the urge to share more about our profession because in the past we have been overlooked for our job and even worse, many people don’t even see the importance of it. So before I get all mad about those jerks who call us “just an admin”, let me share with you why we are so freakin’ awesomeeeeeeeeeee! (yup, those extra “e”s are needed).

Yesterday we had an event at work highlighting the work administrators do and how much it contributes to our teams. We are not necessarily technical so you might not find us coding, assembling parts, testing or none of those crazy things. Our job requires a lot of things, we are always behind the scenes helping our team and our leaders get sh*t done! And I guess that is a big part of it, we have to be “unseen” when we do our job. We have to coordinate everything and prepare things for which most of the time we don’t get credit for, but that is the point. We don’t do it to get credit. We do it because we like to enable relationships and opportunities for our teams to meet and accomplish great things.

And we also do this thing I like to call the multiple hat syndrome. We need to be able to switch gears all the time. This is some type of morphosis if you will, when just like the Power Rangers (yup, the pink ranger was my favorite one) we are going about our day-to-day stuff when suddenly an emergency strikes and we have to put on superhero customes and do all kind of ninja stuff (I promise I am not over-exaggerating here) and save the day. You’ll find in a lot of administrators day cards things like “real boss day” the “one who gets everything done” because we get to do a lot more than people can see. Don’t get me wrong, this is something that you need to work for. A great administrator is a business partner to her executive and you have to work hard to earn that. To sync with your executive at a level you can anticipate needs and you are trusted to make decisions on his or her behalf. So we wear the day-to-day administrator hat, the event planner hat, the budget hat, the trip planner guru hat, the delivery hat, the therapist hat (yup, we are awesome listeners), and a gazillion other hats.

I am an administrative professional. I am a proud administrative professional. I am a proud badass administrative professional. Don’t call me “just an admin”. That tittle doesn’t suit me. There is negative connotation to it that I simply won’t allow. What we do takes a special skill that only few have to accomplish what we do with grace and a big smile on our face. If you ever meet someone who is not proud of being an administrator is because he or she lacks the necessary skills or has not yet found a way to create a business partnership with his or her executive. It takes a lot of work to do what we do and typically only higher level executives truly see the value of what we do but we can change that. You can help us change that by giving us the value we deserve and today we celebrate just simply how awesome we truly are.

thank you flowers.jpg

Now this is one of the flower arrangements I received today that has a special meaning I want to share with you real quick. Over the last year I have been working with an incredibly amazing executive. He has truly empowered me to reach new levels of awesomeness. He encouraged me to take several classes to improve my skills and he helped me clear the view and set the path for my new career goal. He is in every way the best boss everrrrrrr (probably need to add even more “r”s here). And with all the amazing things he is, he also encouraged me to take on this new role because he knew the opportunities that would come with it would be so many. So this week was the first week at my new role and I honestly didn’t expect him to give me anything today as we are part of different teams now but he even hand delivered these ones to me today. Yup, I am truly grateful to have someone who is more than a boss, more than a mentor, he is my sponsor. And this is rare and I know that is because as the great leader he is, he can see the potential in me and trusts I can do greater things. So I am a proud badass administrative professional today. This will change when the time comes but until then join me celebrating all administrative professionals today but please continue to do so all 365 days of the year.


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