Week 1 – Completed!

So I am super duper thrilled to share with you my peeps about last week. I have taken a new role within my company and it is looking good over here! This new role moves me closer to the top leaders in the company and there is so much to learn over here. But of course, at this level there are also quite a bit of requirements I will need to adhere to be successful in this new environment. While the company is the same, the expectations are much different even when it comes to my clothes which I’ll go more in detail in just a bit. But let me go back to my excitement: I am so happy I took the chance!

People kept stopping by to welcome me and check how was everything going. My answer was the same every time: “So far, is going great!“. A few people reminded me of the great opportunity this was and asked if I was excited about it. Excited? Well, yes I am but also a bit scared for taking on a bigger challenge compared to what I was doing before. That’s good, someone said to me. Feeling a bit scared is a great reminder that you are up to something new and more challenging that will make you grow. So I guess I’ll be doing some growing over here because I am not saying I am crazy scared but there’s a bit of it but I think is the good kind, the kind that shows something great will come.

My husband doesn’t very much like when I point out my weaknesses. He thinks by doing so, I give people an automatic pass through that venue. I beg to differ. We all have weaknesses, and some people live in denial thinking they are perfect or not accepting who they really are. I try to be as crystal clear as possible. Why do I say try? Well because I don’t do it all the time because I know not everyone needs to know what goes inside my head, because I know I can’t trust everybody. So I will simply chose to share more with certain people than others, or keep certain things to myself. And then again, I think that the fear inside me at this time is the good kind that helps me be aware that I will be having to do many things that I am 100% comfortable with and will need to get it really good at it fast. So you see, is not a bad thing to acknowledge that.

Now let’s go back to fashion, shall we? You guys, I suck at it! It seriously is like I am fashion intolerant (please imagine the slap in the face emoji cuz my wordpress account won’t let me use emojis here). My poor husband truly tries to help me because a big part of me lives in the 1990’s formal wear fashion, yiaiks! My husband reminds me we’ve moved to a new century and in fact, we have moved a few decades since so I better get fashion chic soon! I truly wish I was a better fashionista, and in fact I will truly give that a try starting now. I’ve decided I will do some type of fashion diaries where I will share my outfits for the week and hope some better fashion oriented people out there help me get it straight. Little things like: you can pair that with a top like this or try with shoes like so next time will help me bring my A-game. So more of that to come because everyone in this building dresses really nice and I better jump on that wagon asap!

Lastly, I want to add that while my work schedule has changed and I have a new team, my personal goals are the same. My education is part of my personal goal. Sure I have a good job at a good company but I have plans for myself that will require me to change ito a new industry and try new things. I am vague when it comes to my goal because all the details are to myself and I feel the journey is more important than the destination. I know actions are more important here so I will focus on doing the things I need to do and sharing as I have completed every step of the way.

Ok, that is all for now, but I will be in touch with ya my peeps because I love sharing things that I think will inspire others. That’s the purpose of my blog. If you can take something away from this post that would be pretty awesome.


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