Fashion Diaries

So a little while ago, I mentioned that I will be starting a fashion diaries so that I can get some feedback from you experts and get myself looking sharp. I have given this some thought, and I think the easiest way to do so is by posting my OOTD on my Instagram account. So I created an account that is linked to this blog a while ago… well, I am not sure that is linked to this account, but is out there! I will share the first days of May here because that was my original plan and I had deligently done my homework and taken pictures of my outfits so here ya go:

May 1. Keeping it casual a bit wearing jeans to work. I am thinking this was on the decent side. What do you think?

May 1

May 2. Now that I am looking at it, maybe I went to black?!

May 2

May 3. Was trying to have some color so went with this pants and my way to not go overly colorful is to pair with a neutral. Yay or nay?

May 3

May 4. Now, I am not a Star Wars fan but I joined the fun at work and also, Rey is a badass! Done.

May 4

May 5. Now this wasn’t for work but I am was wearing a dress and heels. Enough said! Although… is my party wavy hair too crazy?????

May 5

May 6 was a Sunday and forgot to take my picture also for May 7, oh well!

May 8. Now this is probably too simple which is my old normal. I don’t think it was all bad tough…

May 8

May 9. Now this one I think was a bit girly with the floral top. What do you think?

May 9

May 10. This is on the normal side for me and now that I think about it, I’ve had that top for a long time… yiaiks! But adding a blazer and some Ellen Degeneres-like shoes is my way to make it more fashionista. Not saying I did it right, but I tried.

May 10

May 11 was a PTO day for me volunteering at my daughter’s field trip. Chasing kinds around the aquarium required jeans and sneakers but I forgot to take a pic. May 12 and 13 was the weekend. I did had a cute matching outfit with my daughter as we enjoyed Taylor’s Swift concert on Sat night and of course we had to match but I avoid sharing pics with my kiddos cuz I am such a mama bear like that so I limit what I share on a public forum like this. We had the cutest rose pink adidas tough!

Ok, so that’s that for now. I will continue with this week on my Instagram so feel free to find on IG, my handle is fitmommy_kim_blog and since I don’t know how to share a link to my actual profile, sorry, here is a link to my latest post on IG which is a way to find my account too.

Ok, that is all for now. My goal is to get comfortable with showing my chunky legs moving forward so hopefully I will have more dresses and skirts. Maybe. We will see!


2 thoughts on “Fashion Diaries

  1. Issis bucio says:

    As a fashion designer I would like to say that, you have already and acquired taste of what you like and feel comfortable, use it as base, but experiment with garments that are out of you comfort zone, also you can add a bold statement accessory to any of your staples.

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