Pear Shaped Comfy Running Struggles

So push to the side the fact that I am a T-E-R-R-I-B-L-E runner! I mean if my life depended on it, I would must certainly die. Gone. Boom. Finito! And I get it, there are other ways one can get a good cardio workout aside from running such as swimming, zumba or a dance class that truly gets ya moving, hiking, kickboxing and of course the elliptical machine among others. So if we have choices, why suffer with a run when I suck at it? Well, I will provide more details about that shortly including the biggest part of the struggle: finding comfy workout clothes for pear shaped women like myself especially when it comes to running. Let’s dig deep!

I know I’ve mentioned it before but I guess it doesn’t hurt to remind you: I love working out! I truly do. Why? Because I see workouts as an opportunity to improve myself. To lift an itty bit heavier the next time. To jump higher. To do one more rep. You get it. I enjoy different types of workouts but I truly prefer weight training. I feel very accomplished when I finish a workout session knowing that I can curl with 12.5-lbs now and I could only do 5-lbs before or that I can do more reps comfortably at a set weight. I am telling you I get this feeling inside my bones in JT’s words.  Also take note I don’t believe in working out because you had a donut, or a piece of cake, or one too many slices of pizza. Working out is not nor should it be a punishment to your body for something you ate. That is not how it works and the sooner you understand that, the better. Don’t grab a cookie thinking it will be 20 more minutes on the elliptical. If you live that way, you can become bitter soon. Enjoy the freaking cookie if that is what you want! Workout as a punishment for something you ate is not a thing, I am just clarifying that.

So clearly I enjoy a good workout but running is a whole other story. I am really not excited about it and I wasn’t looking forward to it for the longest. I appreciate the opportunity that can come from an outside run but the concrete is too harsh on my knees and I couldn’t do that. Plus I had shin splints for a long time and just walking fast not to miss my BART train was super painful before. Fortunately, I did my research and learned that there were things I could do to improve that and have a more enjoyable run. I get a good warm up (I failed to do this before) especially if running outdoors, changed my running shoes and made sure I have good support, and added stretching to the routine. So overall the whole running experience is getting better and so is my pace that has been very slowly improving, but yay for progress. Running isn’t my favorite thing yet but I am working to be at least a bit better every time and again that feeling of accomplishment is a well worth prize. But there is one tiny detail that is so very critical to having a good run: good running pants! This is by far the hardest thing I swear!!!!!

I have always been a pear shaped gal. Before and post kiddos. If you truly don’t know what a pear shaped is, well let me tell ya that our hips don’t lie like the pic below and just in case you weren’t familiar with the other body types, I found (thank you Google!) this cute picture that has them all for your referral: Body-ShapesSo basically, us pear shaped women, have thicker thighs and are slimmer around the waistline. Because of that, we often need to buy a larger size for bottoms so our thighs can actually fit in the pants comfortably but that means that since the waist area is smaller , pants are even looser around the waistline making it a problem to stay in place…. ay, ya! Imagine having to adjust your pants throughout your day because they don’t stay where they are supposed to… yup, welcome to our world!

Now this situation sucks on itself but when you add an activity on top of it then it is just a gazillion times worse. So we fix our pants a lot throughout the day: when we stand up, or after walking for a while, or after completing a set during a workout. But when you are running I think there is so much more movement in our body that it is almost as there is an invisible evil creature pulling your pants down. Evil! We can’t keep them up, or at least mine fall off! So what to do? Well, the most important thing for me to be able to drag myself through a run, cuz remember I suck at it, it is to have the right pants that will stay so I don’t have to worry about that while running. It is crucial! Muy importante! Pants gotta stay in place so I can focus on breathing while dragging myself, duh!

And I figured that maybe it was because my Old Navy leggings weren’t as fancy, so I tried Nike’s, Adida’s, and Puma’s and realized that it came to the actual style of the leggings rather than where I got them. Most leggings are designed to come up to just below your belly button and some even lower than that and that style doesn’t work for me so I need to be careful to look for high waisted leggings…. ta-dah! Please picture clouds opening with a bright light bean highlighting the pants while some magical music plays and unicorns dance behind it. Magical! These kind of leggings are designed with a smaller waistline that fits you above the belly button but it helps for them to stay in place. Yay! Happy dance! Apparently they are kind of trendy these days too so you can easily find all these IG-famous athletes wearing them and sharing links to where you can buy them. So for sake of this post I took pictures of myself on my favorite running leggings which I got from Cotton:On and they are so comfy AND stay in place!

Great Running Pants

Well, there you have it. It is not easy but sure is possible to be a comfy pear shaped lady and since I am know I have some fellow curvilicious friends out there, figured why not share my experience. At the end of the day, my goal is to help you in any way I possibly can. Ok, bye now!

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