Happy birthday my sweet boy!

Oh how time flies… happy 10th birthday to my first born! Ten years ago, I held you and kissed you for the first time. If only you knew how terrified I was… but love is the strongest force the world possess and it has helped me throughout these years. Just yesterday I was telling you the story of the 24 hours prior to your birth. How can a mom forget any of it? It is crazy though how it is clear yet blur… I know that sounds very contradicting but it is both things. I clearly remember the highlights since the moment my water broke til the moment you were born. In between those highlights is a bit blurry when I think about it. And here we are, ten years later celebrating you!

You know what I remember the most about your childbirth? That I was starving! Oh yes, your mom doesn’t believe in starving even with the contractions and complications that happened. I was sooooooo hungry! I’ve done intermittent fasting recently and I can go 14-16 hours with just water or tea now but the circumstances sure were different back then! That day I was not prepared to fast and I sure didn’t think I would have to do it for over 18 hours during which time I was just initially patiently waiting for you and later desperate for your arrival and to end the ordeal. Tired and hungry… yup, those were some strong feelings right after the love and excitement to meet you.

Over the last years we have gone through so many things and oh boy what is yet to come! Thinking about everything: your first bath, first tooth, first steps, first word, first birthday celebration. Oh, I remember that oh so very well my dear! So many firsts you’ve had so far, and there is so much ahead of you. Soon you will finish elementary school and will move on to new things. I know you will do great! Just please remember to remain your sweet self despite it all. I know with all these growing and all the opportunities ahead will also come oh so many challenges. We live in a world that insists to push opinions over others, but don’t let that be your case. Be you my love. Every bit of you is great!

Now I know most birthdays are all about the birthday boy or girl, but my mom insists is just as much about the mom and you know we can’t go against Yaya’s opinion. So your birthday is also about me. Let me tell you that my life, my world, my everything changed ten years ago with your arrival. I was a mom since the moment your life began in my womb but 39 weeks later I was able to finally meet you and hold you and you became my world. Ever since, I’ve been the happiest person on earth to have you as my son. Sure not every moment has been perfect, I am still learning to be a mom every day, but I promise you I am trying my best. You have made me a better person. I want to be better each day because I want to set the best example for you. I want you to you see me as a strong, smart, loving and of course beautiful woman. I want you to learn how to treat every person you ever come across with respect. I want you to proudly say: she’s my mama bear! I am working on that; trust you me.

The day before your tenth birthday I had the best time just the two of us. Eating ice cream and playing board games; just you and me time. Of course I love your sister and brother just as much as I love you but is always nice to be able to pay all of my attention on you. Thank you baby Jesus for given you to me. Best present ever! Love you papito! Happiest of birthdays to you! May your dreams and wishes not only come true but also lead you on an amazing journey of tomorrows blessed with everything good in life.


Mama Bear

3-weeks-old Papito

cheeks and cuteness!

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