Chopping One Bit A Time

So a while ago, I shared about the many looks I’ve had over the years. Nearly a year ago, I cut my hair to about shoulder length to get rid of a purple Balayage because it takes too much work to keep hair purple and this mama ain’t got time for that. Once it got short, it has continuously gotten shorter by the day and just a few weeks ago, I went to my absolute shortest ever: pixie cut!

It took me a while to decide to go for it. I had a long pixie and I was able to hold an itty bit tiny ponytail already but I really, truly, wanted to go for it. Why? Why not! I knew that the chances of me ever having short hair are not very high. I do miss being able to just put all my hair up on a bun, so I knew my days in tiny short paradise weren’t going to be eternal. That is exactly why I knew I had to it. It was one of those: if not now, never kinda thing. So I did it. I am still not used to it when I catch my reflection in the mirror, but I am sure getting the hang of it.

And you know YouTube is a great resource for many things. So I went there and found this cool video in how to style pixie hair. My hair is shorter than that girl so I couldn’t get the same amount of looks as she did, but here are some of the looks I’ve rocking these days:

It’s quite simple, ha?! But in a good way if you ask me. Sweeping the hair in a different direction changes the look. It is so short now that it can even pass for bangs, I preferred swept bangs, and simply parting right or left gives me a different look (in my opinion that is). I can also add accessories to completely change things up. I actually borrowed this beautiful headband from my daughter. It was a gift from my BFF to her and is a Guatemalan original and you know my Guate-love rocks much! I can also pin up the top too but I think is hard to see that in the pic so I decided against sharing that, but you know, all good here!

On that note, I say to you all who are over there wondering about something you want to try. Whether it is a dress, swimsuit, makeup look, hair color, rock climbing, kayaking, cooking class, anything. If there is something you want to give a try and you are hesitant, stop doubting it and go for it! See, if you try something and you don’t like, you know there won’t be a second time at it. And that is just about perfect. It is better knowing that something isn’t your cup of tea versus always wondering what if… in my opinion that is but I think is sure a good one!

Have a great weekend my peeps!

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