In a world full of Kim Kardashians, be an Audrey

I found this as a quote on Pinterest as I was looking for something cute to add to a picture on my Instagram. Why do I want to share more about this one? There is nothing wrong with KK or anything better with Audrey. Both have very different styles. But if you have been paying attention to social media you know the trend is in favor of KK, at least at this time and maybe not KK but a very similar look. So why do I want to talk more about this? Well, let me tell you why.

I know that is completely acceptable to have an opinion about everything. Our opinions will not always match other opinions. Simple. Right? Right! Or, well… maybe it is not that simple. The problem is not having an opinion or sharing it with others. The problem is when others think their opinion is the absolute correct one, and try hard to make you agree with them. That is not possible and it can be explained with something so simple like the glass half full/ half empty like the pic below (shout out to Google for always finding the images I want): half glass

Like anything in life, it is all about perspective. Both are correct. The glass is half full and it is also half empty. It is all about how you choose to describe it. I will leave aside the common association of this picture with people who are optimistic or pessimist. The fact is that both statements are correct because it is just a different way to describe something. You get it right?

Ok, back to Kim and Audrey. So a few days ago we cut my daughter’s hair from medium length to a pixie cut. When I first cut my hair short, she asked to cut hers short like mommy. I love that she is inspired by mommy because I know that as she grows older she might choose new trending inspirations.  My husband was hesitant at the time to cut her hair that short. As I pointed it out then and just recently to him, styling her hair can be challenging because she has fine hair, it tangles easily, and she fights hair brushes. Short hair can be very easy to take care of. Well, the correct short hair can be. So I figured we should go short on her again to avoid the hair styling nightmare that is due to restart with school just a few weeks away. To add more points on my favor when we went on a family vacation a few weeks ago, her cousin who is only a few months apart was rocking a pixie. Done! My daughter was super sold on the idea of tiny hair like mommy’s and prima’s and it made it easier for my husband to visualize girls can too look adorable with itty bitty short hair.

So we went for it. She looks amazing! She thinks she looks like Katy Perry with the new cut minus the blue eyes. Done! She was happy, I was happy, daddy was happy, grandma was happy. Super-mega-done! But remember those people I mentioned before who think their opinion is the holy grail of the world and are quick to voice it… “why did you cut her hair?”  or “Girls look better with long hair, you know?” or “Cute, but I liked it long better”… are you F-R-E-A-K-I-N-G kidding me?! So you like long hair, good for you! Do I care about it? No. Do I want to change your opinion? No. Can you just let us be just as we let you be? Grrrr.

Now, don’t think this post was to vent about that. I am bringing that up because just like opinion we all have different taste. Not all of us want to be a Kim Kardashian (or think trending looks). Not everyone wants long straight hair. Not everyone wants a blonde soft curl. Not everyone is thinking in microblading their eyebrows (although that does look cool). Not everyone is plumping their lips. Not everyone is squatting all day long to get a booty. And if you are doing any of all those things because you think that’s beautiful, then good for you; however, those are things I don’t want for myself. In my opinion, our society is putting a lot of energy into pushing trending looks on all and I am over here just being me. Most importantly I am here letting my daughter know that she can be whichever way she chooses to and she will be beautiful because beauty comes from within not from what she puts on. She doesn’t care about the tutus or the sparkles or pink. She knows what she wants and I am there to support her choices.

So, please don’t go forcing your opinions on others. Have your own and respect others. It’s simple. If you think Kim Kardashian is beautiful and you want to look like her, then by all means do so. If you think Audrey Hepburn is beautiful  and you want to look like her, then by all means, again, do so. If you want to look like them or be inspired by them, that is fine. If you want to follow the masses or you choose to stand out, it’s your call. Whichever way you go, remember to be you at heart, and also remember to accept others as they choose to be.Kim K - Audrey H

That is all (in Miranda Priestly’s voice if you will).

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