No pain, no gain… is it?

I am sure you’ve heard this before when it comes to fitness or life even: no pain, no gain. But does it really have to be painful to be a gain? Well, let’s look more into that, shall we?!

I had a few fitness coaches who used this phrase especially when I was taking boot camp classes to “motivate” us to push through the pain and complete the workouts. But progress and injury are two different things… at least in my opinion they are. And while I actually do love pushing my limits and growing fitness-wise, I think there is thin line between pushing yourself and injuring yourself if you aren’t careful. Super fine line; easy to miss. But I want to clarify even more about this line for you and why am I talking abou today.

So I am finally back to my gym routine. And by this, I mean I am working out 3-4 times a week and hoping I can get in the groove to not necessarily do more days but just have a regular time to get it done a set number of days per week. I don’t quite believe that you need to workout every day. We do need to be active for at least 30 mins every day but that doesn’t mean pumping iron during this time. It could be something simple like walking to the Starbucks that is a mile away to grab a latte while pushing the baby on his stroller… for instance although sounds more like my case, ha! But if I get to workout at least 4 days per week, then I will be good. So I am back to my gym routine.

Yesterday was full body day. I really like those days because you put a little of work all over. And while it would be nice to have a body like Gal Gadot’s in Wonder Woman, it would definitely take me more than a 28-day or a 12-week challenge to get there… like a lot more yo! And since I just pushed the restart button for workouts last week, I am starting with very little to no added extra weight. I am not light as a feather you know so air jump squatting with my body weight alone it is a good workout. So what I am trying to say is that I did my 3 circuits with super light weights, but today I am super sore E-V-E-R-Y-W-H-E-R-E! And of course this isn’t news, is normal to be sore after a workout especially when you  have stopped for almost 4 weeks. Uuhhhh but that is not all!

Last week I came to work with a sore upper body one day and a sore lower body two days later.  I will talk more about good sore and bad sore shortly. So it is normal to be sore all over today because yesterday’s was a full body. However, I kid you not, I wasn’t expecting to be as sore as I am in my mid-section… at all! Yes I worked out my core but since I have protected my abs with a few layers of fluff, to say it nicely, I wasn’t expecting the soreness today in my mid-section. Yup. Sad, right? I keep thinking it shouldn’t be as sore because I wasn’t using heavy weights and all the fluffy protection I got going on in ma’belly, but I am sore! Very sore actually. A coworker said: “Well… no pain, no gain. So you are good!” and that got me thinking that there is good sore and bad sore and want to share more about that briefly.

And to clarify once more: I am not a certified fitness professional. I am a fitness enthusiast. I have done lots of research when it comes to fitness related things and this is why I know certain things based on what I’ve learned. Do not take my humble blogging as professional advise. Just saying! Two kinds of sore: good and bad. Go!

Good sore or muscle soreness happens typically within 24-72 after exercising. The stress created during workout causes inflammation and tiny muscle tear. The discomfort or achy muscles typically affects both sides of your body. For instance, if you did 3 sets of shoulder press with a barbell, both shoulder should feel equally achy. It is consider good sore because as the tiny muscle tears heal, your muscles grow stronger (hint: it’s a gain!) Even seasoned athletes can suffer muscle soreness but you can do things to minimize the discomfort like cooling down, stretching, and applying ice. It is also good to alternate muscle groups as you plan your workouts to avoid working the same group two days in a row.

Bad sore or pain can start as early as during  your workout and can last for many days. This is the result of too much stress and causes inflammation, sharp pain and even swelling. The discomfort is not even in your body, and it will affect only one side. For instance, if you have bad posture during a dumbbell power snatch or you are using too much weigh, you could hurt one shoulder, or your back. It is consider bad sore because it is technically an injury suffered during a workout and it won’t get better with stretching. You might even require pain killers to keep on going with your day. This will last several days so you might be able to workout that area at all, even milder workout, for a while. There is no gain with this pain. Just saying!

So there you have it. Apparently there has been an itty bit of gain for this mama on her fitness journey. Now that I have added more core workouts to my routine, I am feeling that good sore and I wanna see some gains! I do want to say that the most painful thing with a sore mid-section (see I don’t say abs cuz I feel mine are way down there) is sneezing. Yup! Allergies are no bueno this time of the year for me and every time I sneeze… ouch!


Fit Mommy Kim

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