Fall Semester is Here!

Oh well, oh well! What do we have? A new semester is what we have. I am excited because the two classes I am taking this semester look promising. I am pursuing a major in business and I’ll get a lot of insights this semester for sure. I truly enjoy the opportunity to attend school and learn new things. I get it that not everyone is into it, and the system sure doesn’t work for everyone. Trust me, I do get it.

I’ve addressed it before and I will again. I often get asked why do I insist in going to school: “You are a mom. You have a job. You have no time. This is the part that saddens me the most… why should I be limited to society’s stereotypes? It is sad! People wrongly think that when a woman becomes a mom she should stop everything and focus in one thing only: her kid(s). Trust you me, my kids are my priority. But to be the woman I want them to have for a mom (a strong, smart, bad-ass professional), I need to make some sacrifices. Sure I don’t have a lot time. Sure I have other responsibilities to cover first. Sure I might fail at it once, twice or many times. Sure all of that can happen and more, but none are reasons for me to stop trying. When you want something, you keep fighting for it. No matter how hard it is, or how long it takes.

So… I started the new semester! And here I am, trying my best to organize myself in a way where I can cover all my obligations with a great outcome. I know it means less time for TV, which was very minimal to begin with, and a few late nights or early mornings. When I has in high school, I sometimes was caught with projects and homework and I would be studying until late hours. There is a point where you brain is simply too tired to be functional and do or finish anything. At first I used to push through and finish it all before going to sleep, but I would end up feeling really truly madly deeply tired. Then my mom suggested to go to bed for at least a few hours and wake up early and finish. I realized that by doing things the way she suggested, I was able to finish it all and not feel as tired. So when my body says, “okay time to hit the bed“, I listen and do it. Then I just wake up earlier to finish what I am missing.

I was taking an online class last semester. You know you can make online classes work around your schedule but it does require a ton more discipline to stick to the schedule. Most classes I’ve taken have a test due on Sunday at midnight. And who wants to spend all weekend studying or taking tests? Not me I’ll tell ya! But with my family obligations and work sometimes that was the only choice. What I like to do is to wake up early on Saturday. Way before I know the kids will be up and about. I then make myself a cup of coffee and take care of any tests or assignments that are due. Boom. Done! It might not be ideal because who wouldn’t want to sleep in on a Saturday, but it works. For me it does and it could work for you too if you are also in school.

A new semester has started. A new opportunity to do things great. A step closer to my educational goals. I wish anyone else who is also on a learning path the absolute best for a great semester! Let’s rock this, shall we?! And if you want to go school but are questioning your pretty self, let me tell you: stop the doubt and go for what you want! No, it will absolutely NOT be easy, but it sure will be worth it. Whether you are a fellow mom, a woman or man, always strive for more. Challenge yourself. Keep pushing!



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