Put the Phone Down!

Are people even capable of walking without a phone in a hand anymore? It is like phones are the new centers of gravity. Considering where technology is heading to, I don’t anticipate less use of phones in the future. You’ve seen the campaigns about not using your phone while driving. But staying off your damn phone is also important while walking. I encourage everyone to take media breaks all the time, and I assume you are a good world citizen and stay off your phone while driving. So, today I want to share with you a few of my favorite reasons to put the phone down while walking and why I think they are important:

  •  Safety. It’s hard to be aware of your surroundings when you aren’t looking around. It is also easy to miss obstacles and people ahead of you. Trust you me, a good share of people ran into me because they are on their phone… me not happy!
  • Enjoy the little details. It’s hard to notice the leaves are changing colors when you aren’t looking at them. That is only because we are going into fall but I bet you there are a lot more things you are missing for not looking.
  • Put your thoughts together. It’s easier to think and analyze things when you have no distractions. Making plans, decisions, figuring things out… if you put your full attention into any of these, I bet you’ll make a better decision or choice.
  • Relax. Practice deep breathing while you walk and soak some vitamin D to give your body a break. Trust me it is okay to just walk!
  • Neck problems. Looking down at your phone will cause neck pain.
  • Neck lines. Just the way expression lines happen because of the way you continuously show your emotions, you will get lines on your neck because of the continuous posture of looking down. Ain’t nobody got time for neck lines!

Now of course, these are some of the most important things to me but I bet you there are a gazillion more great reasons to put your phone away while you are walking. I mean, you can miss Chewbacca if you ain’t paying attention…

Here is the link to this video Distracted Texters Fail the Chewbacca Test

I seriously felt the urge to write about this one because when I walk to the cafeteria which is located in the building next door, I keep getting bumped into. It is not like I am stick figure size ya know! So , how does that happen you ask? Well, people aren’t paying attention! I admit I purposely hold my ground when I see someone is walking directly towards me because their head is down on their phone. Right when they are about to bump into me I hold my hand out on a “stop” way and they will always apologize for nearly bumping into me because they were distracted on their phone. Never fails! But I don’t want to go for a walk, and having to be concerned about others bumping into me. So we all need to just be safe and put the damn phone down and pay attention to the world!

Just saying 😉


Mama Bear Kim

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