DIY – Unicorn Ornaments

So you know how much I love to play maker of things, right? Well, as a thank you to the girls in my soccer team for their effort this season I wanted to do something special. Since the team name is Purple Unicorns, I figured something unicorney would be great. And while I know not everyone celebrates Christmas, I truly think an ornament doesn’t have to be hung on a Christmas tree only but you can always find a nice place to hang something you like, and more so if it is this cute ornaments I had in mind. So I went for it! Super, duper easy to make. Here’s how it went so you can make your own too:

  • Gather the materials: ornaments, floor cleaner, glitter, clay, flowers or crystals, felt sheets ( I used pink and white for the ears) and glue (I used hot glue sticks which worked very well). I ordered the plastic ornaments from Amazon (thank you Prime!), figured plastic was better since it would be 7-year-olds receiving them. The rest came from Michael’s.materials - unicorn ornament
  • Step 1. Carefully remove the hook from the ornaments and add a bit of the floor cleaner. I used a small funnel so it wouldn’t spill to the outside of the ornament. Swirl around the liquid so it covers all of the ornament. If you shake it, it will create bubbles so I recommend swirling instead. Once you coat all of the inside, remove the excess cleaner. add-floor-cleaner.jpg
  • Step 2. Add glitter. I created a funnel with paper for this one so it wouldn’t spill all over. Once you add the glitter, I started rolling the ornament with my hands to cover it all with the glitter, and removed the extra glitter. I was able to dump the excess back into the glitter container since the top was big enough but you can use another piece of paper to catch and reuse. No wasting around here! Place the hook back and you are good to go.Unicorn Ornament - glitter
  • Step 3. Make the horn. I used golden oven-bake clay for this one. You’ll make two strings and twist them around. I made each string thicker in one side so when I twist the tip of the horn was thinner and the base ticker. Bake as instructed which in my case it was 15 mins at 275 degrees. Unicorn Ornament - horns
  • Step 4. Once the horn are baked and cold you can glue them to the ornament. I, of course, used Pinterest to find tutorials and found two choices for the horn. some where glued at the top of the ornament on the flat part of the hook, and others were glued just right next to it where the hook meets the top of the ornament. I went with the second choice because I liked it better. Unicorn Ornament - horn add

Step 5. Add the ears. I used felt fabric for the ears but you can also use paper for something simpler. I used two colors to make it look nicer but you can also go with one for simplicity. I created them in a triangle shape with a smaller one placed in top of a large one, and glued it to each side of the horn like so

Step 6. Add floral crown. I got flowers that had small jewels in the middle for an extra bling but you can go with little flowers, hearts, or jewels to create a crown-like for the unicorn. I failed to take a pic of just the floral crown but you can see it in the next one.

Step 7. Add eyes. I used a black sharpie marker but I’ve seen some really cute unicorn ornaments with white, gold or silver eyes. It’s quite easy to draw actually. Half a circle and then 3 small upside down arcs in the outer end of the circles for lashes like so Unicorn Ornament - final

Step 8. This one is optional. Add their names or anything you want in the back. I wanted to personalize each with their names so I added individual names and you can’t see it on the picture but I added the year in small letters by the hook on the back side. I hope they will keep them for a long time and remember the unicorn from their first soccer team (most of my girls were playing for the first time and you can read more about it on my post). You can use any color you wish for the lettering, I used a gold sharpie but depending on the glitter color you are using you might want to use a different color. Unicorn Ornament - name

And that is it! Boom. Done! I was surprised about how easy it turned out to be to make them. The unicorns are trending these days so I can see people want to make them but I am positive you can make other animals or simply personalize them with names or dates (hint: wedding). Again, I don’t think they have to be Christmas only, you can gift a customized ornament at any time in my book!

Happy crafting!

Mama Bear Kim


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