New Year… Clean Slate

2019 is literally hours away. New Year. New you. Resolution time. But first… clean slate. How so? Well, I’ve been doing some reading and it turns out that a bunch of people are really into what the new year brings and the new possibilities. Most people start the year with a list of resolutions for the New Year. You know, things they want to accomplish. But according to the “new research” (ya know there is always a new research) most people fail to fulfill their resolutions. Wait, what? Most people fail?! Yup, you read that right. So what is the point? Well, let’s chat about that and get that clean slate going.

The beginning of the calendar year has great significance to so many. The reason behind is that it can be as literal as a reset button. A year comes to an end, and the new year can mean a new chapter, new possibilities. That is why there is fascination about coming up with resolutions for the new year. There is no easier way to restart anything or give something new a try than the beginning of a new year. The clocks, and the calendars have a brand new start and that seems the best time for everyone to join in. And if this is the case, why most people fail with their new year’s resolutions? I mean the clocks and calendars keep on going for another 365 days, so… what’s the deal?

The issue people come across is that a resolution is too vague for them to see it through. What people need are goals and execution plans.  Let me tell you, there is a difference! Here are some of the common new year resolutions and some suggested goals and plans to pick instead:

  • Resolution: lose weight
  • Better goal: lose 10 lbs in 4 months
  • Good plans:
    • restrict daily calories intake (use a free calculator like this one to get your number)
    • ditch all processed food
    • limit eating out to twice a month (or less if you also want to save money!)
    • exercise 30 mins four days (be specific to be successful) a week: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday at 6am.
    • have a goal outfit (great motivation!)
  • Resolution: run more
  • Better goal: run three times per week and increase distance every two weeks
  • Good plans:
    • download a running app to track runs and distances
    • sign up for a run 3-4 months from now and start training for it
    • get good running shoes
    • get a running buddy
    • join a running club
  • Resolution: less stress
  • Better goal: practice meditation and start a gratitude journal
  • Good plans:
    • download a meditation app (don’t you love there is an app for everything!)
    • start by practicing meditation for just a few minutes (it can be 2 minutes) and work on increasing the time
    • start a gratitude journal with as little as 3 things you are grateful for the day and work your way to more
    • assess the value those around you bring to your life. This might sound a bit mean but trust me, you don’t need unnecessary drama so avoid people who are negative and drain you
    • read more. Instead of Netflix binge before bed time, make yourself a cup of tea and read for a few minutes. You can join a book club for great suggestions or just ask a librarian… trust me, they know and want to share with you!
    • do more of what makes you happy. Be it yoga, zumba, cycling, fishing, hiking. If it makes you happy and gets you active, do more of that and you will see less stress in your life. Trust me!

Ok, so you get it right?! There is nothing wrong with having a resolution. However, if you want to be successful with it, make your resolution as specific and detailed as possible so you can see it through and reach your goal. So that is not too hard and I trust you got it! Now let’s talk about the clean slate, shall we? Why is so important to many to make sure they have a clean slate so they can start the new year? Well, there is not really a rule or law or requirement that says that you have to clean out all the dirt, the unnecessary, the old, before you take on the new. But… it can be helpful when you want a fresh start to have all the clutter out the door. Now it is important to understand the difference between the old and the unnecessary because they aren’t really the same.

Sure my car might be getting old and while a brand new ride would be great for the new year is not really necessary because my car still works. So it is old but necessary so definitely a keeper.  Now if goal is to run my first half marathon next year then I could definitely use some new kicks because my workout shoes are old and aren’t really designed for running so they wouldn’t serve the purpose. So out with those old kicks and time for some new running shoes. I mean… you get it right? There is two questions that are very helpful as you assess what stays and what slays: does this work for me? And by this I mean anything: this outfit, this class, this job, this relationship, this diet, this anything. If the answer is no, ditching time! Your time and energy are too precious for you to waste on the unnecessary things. If the answer is yes, then comes question two: is this serving a purpose for my goal or plan? And in the same way think about how this thing is bringing value to your life. If the answer is not at this time, then it can probably go in a box in your garage or the back burner or in the to-do list. If the answer is yes, then you know is something that will set the foundation of your “clean slate” because you are starting only with the things you need to be successful this new year.

Now, I personally think this cleaning exercise needs to happen not only right before the new year but on a more regular basis. If you find yourself stuck in a situation, is time to do the assessment and decide if it is worth your time and energy to fix it or move on. A clean slate might be needed and not always at the beginning of the year. And other times, years can go by before you have to get a clean slate because certain plans take more than just a few days or weeks or months. If for whatever reason 2018 wasn’t your best year yet or maybe it wasn’t bad but there are specific things you want to change for 2019, then jump in the “New Year: New You” wagon and let’s do this!

My 2018 was a great year! It wasn’t perfect, but I had a lot of opportunities to grow emotionally and professionally, and I call that a good year! I was able to work way more on this blog and while I am not crazy popular, I got many of you reading my posts and sharing with me and that is awesome! Much thankful for you peeps o’mine! I have a list of goals for 2019 and I have also worked on the details for my plans to get me there. Sharing is caring but in this case, I will wait to see those plans through before sharing with you. Nothing crazy or confidential, but keeping it to myself this time and I know you get me. So, as I am going into celebration mode with my little ones, I want to send you and yours the best wishes for a great 2019. May the new year bring you love, happiness, health and all things awesome!


Fit Mama Bear Kim

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