We Are All Wonder Woman!

Ah… the joy of being a woman! Sure you might think there is some sarcasm here but while in fact being a woman requires basically super powers, it sure is amazing to be one. I am a proud woman! Proud daughter, proud sister, proud wife, proud mother, proud friend. And as we celebrate today International Women’s Day, I think it makes a great time to share just how proud I am to be born a woman!

Over history it hasn’t been easy to be a woman. For centuries we were treated like a zero to the left with the only value to bear children, clean the house, cook and give pleasure. Oh how have times changed! While there is so much more to be done for gender equality, it sure is a good time to be a woman this day and age as we strive for equality. Our worth isn’t up for questioning any more. We won’t allow it. I know this isn’t the case in every part of the world but I know  the women’s right movement will make it to every corner of the world one day. But this post isn’t about this great movement but rather how awesome women are.

I strive every day to be a better woman. My most precious gifts are my children. And everything I do is for them. They truly are the apple of my eye. While I love and treasure each of them for their individuality, I know I have to play a different role for my boys and for my girl. Why? While the goal for all three of them is to be good, kind, respectful, caring, educated people, the boys need to learn different behaviors than my girl… wait, what? Wasn’t I just talking about equality before? Why am I separating my boys and my girl? Well, the reason is because our world isn’t there yet. My boys need to learn from their “boyish-worldly” view, and my daughter needs to learn from her “girlish-worldly” view. Those views are still quite different in our society. My job is to introduce them to that neutral zone considering all that is going around them which happens to be different because the gender gap exists in more than just salary. It is the reality.

I feel fortunate to have been raised by my mom who is the strongest, badass, most caring person I know. My mom is my role model, my inspiration. I strive to be just that for my daughter.  This picture was taken about two years ago when we were in San Francisco and just before we both chopped our hair to pixie lane. I don’t expect her to copy my every move but I know she is watching closely. I know I won’t always be her role model, but I will always act as if I am, just in case. I talk to her about the importance to respect herself, respect others and demand to be treated with that same respect. I bring her to brunch dates or tea time with my girlfriends so she can learn that your vibe attracts your tribe and when you find you do love them hard. She gets to experience true friendship. I have such amazing friends and they make her feel part of the girl club; she loves that! I talk to her about women’s history so she knows women before us fought for our rights and we can’t take that for granted. Me and my Mini-Me

I know she doesn’t need a perfect mother. There isn’t such a thing. She needs me to be real. She needs to see me loving and embracing my flaws so she can be confident with hers. She needs to see me taking on challenges and even failing so she is not afraid of taking chances. She needs to see me caring for others so she can be giving. She needs to see me forgiving others so she cannot be afraid of trusting. I know this doesn’t paint a perfect picture of me but it paints a picture of the wonderful woman I am.  Because there is wonder inside of every woman. We don’t all look the same, we don’t all act the same, we don’t all value the same things but being a woman is wonderful. She needs to know that and she needs to feel so strongly about that she can help her girlfriends remember that when they forget.

I feel I’m bouncing around on this post but remember women’s brain is like spaghetti and mine sure is feeling that way today! So where was I? Ah, yes how amazing we are! I try my best because a have another woman looking up to me. And that is in no way a reason to play a role who is not the real me but rather bring out the best in me. I am so beyond blessed with the many awesome women in my life. Here is a short list of why we are all awesome:

  • We are kind! Sure I can’t speak for every woman out there but it is in nature to be kind and caring and that is not a weakness but rather a strength.
  • We are smart! We are prepared to make decisions for ourselves, our families, our community. Don’t let our soft side fool you. We are capable of so much.
  • We are beautiful! Curvilicious, athletic, lean, skinny, tall, short. Every woman’s body is beautiful, unique, precious and deserving of love, respect and acceptance.
  • We are strong! We are unapologetic, confident, resilient, empowering, fearless, brave, dashing, heroic. We are strong women and we run this world!

Happy International Women’s Day to each and every wonderful woman in this world!


Mama Bear Kim

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