Living My Best Life!

Isn’t it crazy how things are so different from one person to another? I was watching a movie on Netflix the other day and the lead chick is trying to convince her besties to have one amazing last day together because she is moving cross-country for her dream job, and she just broke up with her boyfriend because of the move. She tells them: “let’s live our best life!” And it sure got me thinking about it because the way they live their “best life” is not near close to how I live mine.

So, they go about getting into this super special VIP party, drinking and getting high. Trust me, I am not here to tell you that any or all those things are bad, but they aren’t my way to live my best life.  I am proud of my life. My world revolves around my family. There are other things at the top like my really close friends and work too because I am proud of my contribution to my team. So truly finding the physical, mental and emotional balance is how I live my best life. In my opinion this is something you need to do on a daily basis so you can truly enjoy it and make the most of it. You can have a special day like they do to bounce back when things are upside down, but if you can manage to have a good attitude all the time, you will surely live your best life.

So how exactly I live my best life? Well, I am sure my list is not THE list everyone will want to follow, but maybe you can find a thing or two to add to yours:

  • Wake up believing you are the creator of your world. My good friend Amy brought this concept by Joe Dispenza to my life and let me tell you, it does help to live your best life. You can learn more about him and his findings on this site.
  • Love yourself. On my last post I shared with you how much the book Body of Truth has helped me to accept my body and push society’s pressure off my life. Sure, I still have fitness goals but I am not stressing out over the speed of my journey nor comparing my journey to others. That second one is a real killer people! But seriously the relationship you have with yourself determines everything in your life and how much you really enjoy your life. It is important to love yourself and be kind to yourself first, so you can do these with others.
  • Always assume positive intent. I think this one is closely related to my half way full attitude. I don’t think one is naive for taking a chance in life. I know many people who always assume others are out to get them; they can’t trust anyone. There are mean people out there who need to make others feel bad for them to feel better about themselves. But one can’t live always in fear of getting hurt. Give people a chance to be good, to be fair, to be honest. You will be surprised!
  • Be a good soul. I often check on the people who are important to me just because. Often times we have no idea what others might be going through, and they don’t always have to tell us their struggles, but it always help to know there are others out there who care for us without motives. We are loved. We are accepted. Just be a good person without thinking about profit or loss. I especially love the quote below because I think it is so very true:

“Be such a good soul that people crave your vibes”.

  • Enjoy the little things. Easier said than done, I know. In fact, I feel that these aren’t really little things because they all become big things. But as I said, it is so easy to miss the things that now look little and non-important because you are focused on the bigger picture. I think an easy way to do a little assessment on this one is to think of a time you visited a new place. Were you too worried waiting in line so you can take the “official” picture in front of some monument or landmark to notice the people around you, or to try the authentic food at a mom-and-pop restaurant, or to pay attention to the cultural traits of the locals? All those “little things” are the soul of that place but sometimes we get distracted with the bigger things.  Make the time to consider if your attention and appreciation is going to the right things.

I think of these as daily exercises. I try to do them all the time and as much as possible. Of course, not every day will be best day ever, but I sure try to keep that attitude that the day ahead of me will in fact be best day ever! Again, these are the things I think will help me live my best life because in my opinion it is a constant and not a variable. I would love to know how you live your best life.

Have a great week!

Mama Bear Kim

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