Another dare!

If you have been following my blog or Insta for a while, you know by now that I am the most daring with my hair. Why? Well, I’ve said before and I will say it again: why not?! It is just hair! If you get a haircut or color you end up regretting, you just give it some time to grow back or change color, and listo! Not a big deal. That is how I feel about it. Of course, I totes get that many can be overly protecting of their hair.

So I got another haircut and I am so loving it! It turned out way more versatile than I imagined when I went for it. I am fortunate to work at a company who welcomes you as you are, whichever hair color or style that is. Yay! But just because something is allowed, it doesn’t mean that it should be done. And this is the part where I get some mixed feelings and I have to find the balance. Let me explain.

Sure we can get whichever hair color or crazy style we like. Nobody is gonna be at the door checking if your hair is yay or nay and send you back home until you cut it or style it the way they want. So that is awesome! But this is still the corporate world and while some places might be good at accepting your talent regardless of how you look… well, you still represent your own brand and should care how you are perceived. I know, I know. Tricky, right?

So… don’t worry about how you look but worry about how you look. Isn’t that what I just said? Well… kinda. It is important in my opinion to find the balance between these two things. You shouldn’t worry about getting people’s stamp of approval over your look.  But if you aren’t your own boss, then you might be need to adhere to a dress policy. And policies aside, because as I said where I work is pretty flexible, there is one other thing that I keep in the back of my head and I want to share it with you.

Several years ago I was attending an event at work arranged for women only. The guest speaker was a professional coach who worked with high level executives. She talked to us about our personal brand and our professional brand. And you probably know the importance of these two and how can they be related but there was one specific thing she talked about that is always coming to me: appearance. Our actions speak louder than our words and our brands are defined by our actions and how others perceive them. Things like the tone of our voice, facial expressions, body movements and details of dress are some of the non-verbal cues most people assess when they are trying to “define” a person. And like I said appearance or details of dress was one thing I didn’t care much about until that day.

She shared a story about a high level executive from the Bay Area. This man, while a genius, didn’t care about how he looked because he knew his talent would speak for himself. But it was hard for him to close deals despite running a successful start-up company because of his appearance. He was often wearing beat up looking bottoms, wrinkled shirts, a big beard, messy hair, I mean you get the picture. He was missing a lot of chances because of his “bum look”. He had the brains but he wasn’t the whole package or so was perceived by the executives he was trying to work with. As part of her coaching, she explained to him that polishing up his look a bit wasn’t a betrayal to himself. He didn’t need to wear a suit and tie, but he could freshen up a bit to show that he cared about his look as much as he cared about his career. Sounds simple yet we know is complicated. We don’t ever want to compromise but life is about compromises. And when you are trying to do business in the corporate world there are definitely many compromises.

I hope you get my point. I struggle with this often because I don’t feel I need to look like I am going to walk down the runway when my job is not modeling. I would do the same job whether I was wearing a Cristobal Balenciaga gown or jeans I bought at Target. But I do represent my boss and I want to look like I care because I do. Not sure if you have been able to see my Insta for my #fashionistatries as my attempt to get a tad bit dressier without feeling like I am loosing myself or being fake. That has turned to be a fun project I’ve been enjoying quite a lot, but that on itself is a whole other story.

So back to my new hair. I think that my new style is not too crazy, it all depends on how I complete my whole look. For the first weeks, I was worried to show my shaved undercut. As I said, I know is not a problem where I work but I do know is a tad bit too casual. But in the other hand, this hairstyle is versatile enough that I was able to cover it up easily while at work. Boom! Great haircut, ha?! I finally decided to show up as I am to work because I have a supportive team and they know I love doing this kind of things and encourage me to do it and totes support it. Yay!

So I have for you some of the styles I can do with this haircut. I am trying to decide if it is time for the pink to go… having a hard time to decide my new color. I have a few ideas so will share more when I make a decision. As you can see, there’s lots to do with this hair and I’m still missing a lot. I can braid it, part it to the other side for a different look, curl it more, and I haven’t even started with accessories. So much to do!

Hairstyles 1

Top: small braid with some curls Bottom: GSD (get sh*t done) ponytail

Hairstyles 2

Top: Side showing shaved side Bottom: side covering shaved undercut

Hairstyles 3

Top: Work bun Bottom: Soft curls

To wrap it up, promise, don’t forget how your appearance plays a big role in your personal and professional brand. Dare to have the crazy hair. Dare to wear the crazy clothes. Dare to be different. Just remember whatever you choose should still reflect your brand.


Mama Bear Kim

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