Happy Palentine’s Day!

As many of you know I am from Guatemala. I wrote a Spanish post about Valentine’s Days celebrations growing up last year which you can access here . As I shared on that post, Valentine’s Day was about friendship more than anything growing up. And while overall I think these days is just an opportunity for retailers to push their consumerism tactics on us, there can be a genuine deep meaning at heart. Today I want to share with you about Palentine’s Day or Galentine’s Day! Now these two sound more like what I am used to which is the why behind this post.

Palentine’s Day or Galentine’s Day is celebrated on February 13. This is basically the Valentine’s version for friends! Woot, woot!! Pal – for friends (men and women) and Gal – for ladies. Sweet! So today is a great day to go the extra mile for those real friends in your life. I personally think this should happen as often as possible but as a crazy busy person myself, I know often times it can’t be done on a regular basis.  I wish I would have paid attention to all the hashtags and info on today ahead of time so I would have prepared something with my dear friends, but since I didn’t because ya know I role like so, I would like to share with you some of my favorite things about my closest friends. Let’s do it!

Mi Peque. She little but she fierce! I admire so much your ability to care for others. You are always willing to put others first, even when they don’t show appreciation for your efforts. You don’t stop trying, you don’t stop giving your all. Your love is so strong, it bears it all. Love me some Peque!

Mi Kitty Friend. I truly admire your fire! You are a warrior fo’sho! You light up my day with just a text. You are a star in my life; I might not see you all the time, but I know you are there for me. I don’t know what I would do without you. I am so lucky to have you in my life!

My BWF. How lucky am I have to have crossed paths with you?! You are such a good friend, and I truly appreciate the love you show to my family. If I ever get lost in the woods, I sure hope you are with me because you can easily calm me down and make me feel reassured. You have such a beautiful soul my BWF!

My Sista. Beautiful, strong, smart, talented, and a heart of gold. I can’t even start explaining how much of a better person I am with your influence. You bring light into my life and with your healing hands, you fix me up every time! I would literally be all crooked if it weren’t for you. Best sista in the world!

My Farter Friend. Not sure if I love you more or my daugher does, ha! All I know is that aside from all the farting needed in our lives, you bring light, knowledge, fun, and the coolest phone tricks ever! You are even Chewy’s favorite! You bring so much positivity to my life sweetie!

My Amigo. All I know is that no matter what life throws at me, I can count on you! We might live miles apart and yet there is not a single doubt in my heart that I can count on you. True friendships can overcome time and distance, and I know you will always have my back as you did growing up. You are the best!

My BFF. Amiga I can’t describe how proud I am to see the amazing woman, mother, and professional you’ve become! You are a very strong woman which is another reason I admire you so much. You are another proof of true friendship. We’ve been doing this forever and the distance doesn’t change a thing. I love you mi amiga del alma!

Make sure you let your true, good friends know how much they mean to you. Some of us are blessed to have many genuine friends in our life. Not everyone can say that. So make sure you let your pals and gals know how much they mean to you! I am sure if you have the time you can get together and do something fun, but I trust my good friends know that while this is just a very small token of my appreciation for them, they mean so much to me.


Mama Bear Kim

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