Goodbye Insta!

A while back I created an Instagram account for this blog page. It started with my desire to share more of my fashionista tries. I felt it was too much to do a weekly blog post about my fashion diaries. So I turned to social media to share on a daily and later on a weekly basis my attempt to play fashionista. It certainly helped me to stay out of my comfort zone (well… kinda). But now, I am wondering if I still need that account, is currently deactivated. And as I go through this experience, figured might as well write a post about it in the event there is another person out there who is familiar with the dilemma.

Let’s briefly review the fashionista tries. As I mentioned, I wanted to try to be more creative with my outfits. I am the kind of person who does really well with uniforms. Whether I like or not the uniform itself is irrelevant. Uniforms are great to not have to worry about you have to wear. Everyone wears the same thing. Brilliant! And I wanted to change my fashion choices not just a bit… a lot! I am a comfort zone person, we know that! So I figured if I shared my “ootd” (outfit of the day), I would feel obligated to stop wearing the same thing every day, no uniforms here! For a while I tried and share those attempts on my Instagram account. I don’t think they were all bad, but I know I keep running back to my comfort zone like you’ve never seen me run before, ha!

Because of the insecurities I had about my body in the past, it was hard to go shopping without feeling overwhelmed and frustrated. So I had a limited closet to work with. And as I started progressing in the self-love journey, shopping was no longer a problem… sorta. Walking into a store and feeling overwhelmed for not being skinny wasn’t a problem. But on my self-love journey I came across other things that changed my mind about shopping such as the slow fashion movement. I no longer wanted to be part of the fast fashion and create more waste. So I had purposely refrained from shopping unless there is an absolute need for it. This meant my closet was as limited as before. During my fashionista attempts, I tried to get creative and mix things differently and bring back things that I have put on my storage bins. It was fun to try! Some days I felt like I totally rocked my attempts and other days it was on the blah side. Oh well, it happens!

So I did my fashionista diaries through the end of last year. Wanted to try something different this year. I am still working on that, just not something I am posting about every day. Which does take me back to my decision of ending my Instagram account for this blog page. Now let me give you some feedback about my experience with that account and how it led me to this choice.

I do like Instagram. I have two other accounts so I am not giving up on social media per se. One of my accounts is my personal account. This is a private account that is limited to family and friends. I share about my family on this account so I keep it very limited to real life people. I also have a fitness account that is also a private account. This account gives me all the love and support on my fitness journey and is limited to fit sisters who are in the same journey as me. We’ve taken on fitness challenges together and through this account I have been able to reach a new level of acceptance of myself, my body, my everything. I keep this account just as limited because social media is a great venue for soliciting and I don’t need anyone trying to sell me wraps or shakes just because the word “fitness” is attached to my posts. Like I said, this fitness account is a type of safety net for me so I don’t need trolls either. I might not be insta-popular but there’s too many haters in this world just looking for others to hate because they are so unhappy with themselves… yeah, no thank you! So do I really need a third public account? There’s a lot to consider.

I know many people who take social media seriously. There are books and classes out there on how to make the most of your Insta, how to get more followers, how to get more visibility, how to use the proper hashtags to draw traffic through your account. Is some serious stuff! And of course you have the people who are actually making money as “influencers”. Oh yeah, that’s right! We have people now trying to make a living as influencers and vloggers (think YouTubers). That is a profession these days! To make money this way there are several things that come in to play and when it comes to Insta, the number of followers you have is just the beginning. Then you have “brand ambassadors” and “paid partnerships” which is part of getting paid as influencers because the more people you get to buy XYZ product using your code, the more commission you make on those items. These are ways people make money these days, and to each its own, right?

A few months back I got tagged on a post for a “follow train” for moms who blogged. I figured this would be great because I could use more of social media. Well… it was not what I expected. The train consists on a list of accounts that you have to follow and then these accounts will follow you back. You get new followers, you get to know similar accounts and you support each other. I started feeling obligated to support those accounts on the train who were now following me, but something did not feel right. I prefer genuineness with likes and follows. Some of these accounts were just advertising products, and that is not what I was looking for. I already have two accounts were I can follow family and friends, share highlights of their life, and struggles sometimes because we aren’t perfect, and that I can genuinely “like” their posts. I am not trying to become insta-famous. I am not interested on fake likes, fake posts, fake follows. None of those things bring joy to my life, and I feel there is so much of that on public social media.

This is why I decided to deactivate that account while I assessed the reasons for keeping it. While I feel my reasons are in a good place, the platform allows so much unnecessary crap. I don’t want to deal with it. If I had a business, then I think it would make sense to have a public account. At this time, and for this blog page, I don’t need one. So it’s a so long Insta! I will continue to blog and hope there is at least one person out there who finds value in my words. I feel good about this decision because it is truthful to who I am and what I stand for.


Mama Bear Kim

One thought on “Goodbye Insta!

  1. Liana says:

    100 💯 sista!! I love that you are genuine. I think social media gives us a false sense of love/likability, which can also have negative repercussions on anyone who is feeling low or unimportant or depressed. They don’t understand it’s all fake. Most of these ppl don’t really know the real you anyhow. I think the accounts you have now are sufficient for what they provide you.

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