The Winds of Change

The winds of change of are blowing. They’ve come to push me on a new path… I can feel it. The question is: which path should I follow?

My  heart has gotten used to this routine. Figuring out a new one brings mixed feelings. Change is good but it can be hard and overwhelming. There’s times when changes comes naturally, but how can I tell what this one will be like so ahead of time?

There is excitement knowing this is an opportunity to change things up. And just as much there is anxiety knowing this challenge will change things up. Ha! If only my heart and mind could focus on the positive side… but at last my survivals skills remind me of all the what if’s so I can be prepared for it. Isn’t that nice?

The more details unveil as I get closer to the intersection, that butterflies in ma belly feeling takes place. I think the first thing I need to do is acknowledge the things I gained with this experience. So much growth I’ve done over the last couple of years. It has all been worth it. Am I ready for a change?

And the news break… this chapter has officially ended. The end came faster than I expected… I could see it coming but I thought it would take longer to reach the last period that marks its end. I allowed myself of moment of grief. I mean, what I had was great and it has now ended. Let the tears begin! Am I that weak for allowing my emotions out and express my doubts through these damn tears that I can’t simply contain?

Remember, is in the moments of need when we know who our true friends are. And boy am I blessed! I received amazing support from those closest to me. I knew I could count on them! I am now overwhelmed with support, suggestions and choices… I can take a deep breath again! How lucky am I?

There are still many things to sort out. It will be a time to make decisions and how to pick the best one is something I am just gonna have to trust my own instinct with. Nevertheless, I am thankful. Thankful for what I’ve been able to do. For the things I prove capable of. For the challenges that made me stronger. For the connections I made. For all the great things in my life! This change will bring new opportunities and I am excited for the next chapter. I will make this another great one!

C’est la vie.

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