Still Hang’n in There

Well hello World! I am still here. On full on survival mode with our “new normal” during Covid-19 days. How are you doing? I hope wherever you are, you are staying safe!

I’ve started at least 5 different posts in the last weeks. All posts are related to how am I surviving the current pandemic such as a list of things I suggest to do to remain sane, funny things, and emotional updates. But with all the time in our hands these days, I haven’t gotten to finish a single one of them. Today however, I decided it was imperative to get something out. But why now?

Well, first let me be clear and share that I have gone back and forth in all those posts because emotionally I’ve had so many changes over the last 6+ weeks. I’ve gone through an emotional roller coaster with everything that is going on in the world. I truly believe we all are spiritually connected which is why sometimes I can’t bare the pain in this world. And then I have these dark feelings because I am not happy with how some people are reacting and acting in regards to our world’s situation. But then again, I get back to my pool of positivity and let the light shine. I know… what a mess, huh?

But today is a special day for lots of reasons. I am happy and positive today. I have lots of things to celebrate and be thankful for. Some are big things and some are little ones. It is Earth Day! I know Mother Earth is happy with how much less damage we have caused in the last months while we all shelter in place. You can smell that in the air and the skies are smiling too. Today is also Administrative Professionals Day and as an administrator, I got spoiled rotten by bosses and colleagues. So blessed! I see some light at the end of the tunnel and that strengthens my hope.

As I said before, I’ve had some productive days during quarantine and some days where the fams and I have been couch potatoes all day. Regardless of how much or how little I’ve done, one thing has been constant: comfy fashion! I am enjoying the comfy remote worker fashion living on sweatpants, t-shirts and hoodies. I started week 7 of working from home this week, and it has been that many weeks since I put on makeup. Even during work meetings, I usually wear a work sweater and I think the glasses are a great coverup for dark circles, ha!

Now there is one other thing I want to share with you about pajamas. I know many people have their “day pajamas” and their “night pajamas” these days. I have two rules that apply EVERY DAY of forever:

  1. Pajamas are for sleeping only. You wake up, and you get outta those jammies as soon you can. Having brekkie on PJ’s might be allowed depending on the day, but the rule of thumb is: unless you are too sick to do it, you change outta of your pajamas every morning. That’s how I was raised so I gotta do this every day. Sure I might change into some super duper mega comfy clothes like sweatpants and a baggy t-shirt. I simply can’t wear the same clothes I slept in all day. That also goes for going into bed. You never wear the clothes you wore during the day into bed even if you never left the house. It might be weird to some but is something I gotta do.
  2. Make your bed everyday. Seriously, do it! Unless you are too sick to get outta bed, you gotta do your bed because…. well there really isn’t a sound reason to this is just how I am used to, ha! But seriously, even when you are sick, you make your bed in the morning and then lay on top with a blanket. It might not make much sense but that is just how it’s gotta be for my sanity.

Okay, needed to get those two off my chest. I have been limiting how much time I spent on social media. As you know, I closed my IG account for this blog a few months back. I still have my personal account but the truth is that it can be overwhelming to spend time scrolling on any media platform. From fake news, to emotional debates, and every craziness in between is surely not needed at this time. We want to stay connected and yet there is just so much crap going on right now. I suggest you limit the time if you can. I look up for my family and friend’s post. I want to see them and learn about their productivity or even their lack of it because we are in this together.

Okay, I guess this became a very unorganized post but I think that is just a reflection of our current times. So many things are going on and it can be hard to get a grasp on it all at times. I just have so much I want to share and then it feels like is too much or maybe not the right time for it. In any case, I surely hope you find some value on this update. And because today was a special day, I decided it was time to wear finally at least a dressier blouse for our virtual happy hour to celebrate our team of administrators, yay us! And because we are born to be real and not perfect, here’s yours truly without makeup and without doubts: Mommy Kim Stay at Home

Hope you can stay positive for however long this continues to last. Promise to try and come and check with you all much sooner next time.

Sending you virtual hugs with proper social distancing guidelines,


Mama Bear Kim

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