Remaining Sane

In the efforts to flatten the curve of COVID-19, most of us will be staying home for the next three to four weeks. Well, that was the idea when it all started 6+ weeks ago for us Californians. I imagine it will last a few weeks more. This idea sounds like the end of the world itself to many people who simply need human interactions for personal fulfillment. In my opinion, social distancing is a most under these uncharted times. How can you make the most of the self-quarantine? The list is actually endless! Maybe because I like to focus on the positive because ya know that is how I roll. So, here I have for you some of my favorite ideas for things to do to “remain sane” during this time. And because I am a mommy, I also got some family suggestions for ya. So keep reading!

These are just a few things you can do to stay busy and even productive, sure why not, while in quarantine. These are my favorite because they’ve worked with my family but I also know they can work for adults without kids. Let’s get it to it, shall we?!

  • Spring cleaning. Well, if you just want to call it cleaning that is okay too! This is a great opportunity to polish everywhere around the house and de-clutter. You can get your kids involved too for the families out there. We had our kids go over their toys and decide what stays and what goes.
  • Puzzles. Not everyone is into this but I found puzzles even soothing. If you have the space to aim for something large, that would be great. You can take breaks from puzzle making as needed if you have a larger table to create your masterpiece that can just sit there as the picture unfolds. I ordered a few puzzles of one of my son’s (3-year-old) favorite character. His has large pieces and he has been redoing them every day. We lost the box that it came in but we keep the puzzles in ziploc bags and he is organized enough to keep the pieces separate and make only one at a time.
  • Cooking. Now this one is a tricky one because cooking isn’t for everyone but this is surely a great time to try new recipes! Sure shopping can be challenging so I suggest you look for recipes using ingredients you already have or if your market is well stocked, then let your palate expand! I have friends learning to make sushi at home, paella, and taking on Beef Wellington! You can do it, I trust you! We cook with the kiddos at home as much as possible. Let them help as much as possible while keeping safety of course. It is also a great thing to teach your kids to take on cooking as a survival skill. My oldest always wants pancakes (he is almost 12-years-old) and because I  have to be in the mood to make them, he has started making his own when he is in the mood.
  • Baking. Now this one is a popular one! If you don’t believe me, check your local market and you’ll find a very limited supply of flours, yeast, and baking goods. Why? Well, looks like most of us decided to try to bake our own breads while staying at home! Baking can also be therapeutic to some people, but it does require attention to detail. One can’t just wing it when it comes to ingredients with baking, is much more precise than cooking. My kiddos have a sweet tooth, just like me, and like to help when baking. Let them get involved, help and learn while at it.
  • Yard work. This time is a great time to beautify your home with plants! You can start your own garden or work on the landscape for a new look to your home. Even those living in small apartments can start a jar garden! Nothing like fresh basil I’ll tell ya! And for those families, you can allow the kiddos help with this too. Mine love watering plants though it often turns out into some type of water war…. yeah, I don’t allow mine to help too much with this, ha!
  • Learning a new skill. I’ve heard from friends who are using this time to learn something new like playing piano, knitting, learning a new language, among other things. In fact, someone I know used this opportunity to take an online class an earned a new certificate for her career in Human Resources. So many things to learn and there are several websites where you can learn for free too! Inspired on the movie “Selena”, I am trying to teach the kids a Spanish song. We are nowhere near the Quintanilla siblings in the movie, but we are trying.
  • Meditation. I think this should actually be at the top of the list. During times of uncertainty as the ones we are facing, it can be very empowering to find peace with our new reality. I am calling it meditation but it really can look like different things to people. Journaling is a way of finding that peace. Gratitude checks is another way to get your mind on the positive things happening in your life on the daily. I know some people have taken on yoga as a way to help their bodies find comfort and peace. Whatever it is you need to do to get to a peaceful state, do more of that! We have done yoga with the kids but that is not our forte. We have done some guided meditations with the kiddos but they get too distracted. So we try every night to get on a circle and share at least one thing we are grateful for. It feels good to share these type of things with them. They learn to be grateful for the little things. I am actually doing a combo of all of this. I am doing guided meditations, have done yoga at least once a week, I am journaling almost every night and we have a gratitude circle with the kids. It all helps.

Okay, I think this is a good start, don’t you? Please remember that we are being asked to shelter in place to flatten the curve of COVID-19. Life on itself has gotten challenging. So it is completely okay to be the most productive person to stay busy and is also completely okay to just chill and keep calm. Whatever makes you more comfortable during these times is what you need to do.

Bye for now!

Mama Bear Kim


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