Well, hello my princess!

Oh how much I love you! It was 9 years ago today that I held you for the first time. What a joy you brought to our family. We then had a boy and a girl, what most people consider a “perfect family”. Little did we knew a few years later you would become the middle child, but that is another story.

I’ve told many of my close friends the story of the day you were born. It happened so fast! You were almost born in the car in our way to the hospital. That would have been crazy! But you waited long enough to get us to a delivery room and in a matter of seconds I was holding you in my arms…

Our first hug.

And as I look at one of our first pictures together, I can’t help but to get all the feels my princess! I love so much the person you are becoming and I am so proud of who you are!

There are so many great things about you I could have not imagined when you were born. And I am sure there will be many more things as you grow into a beautiful, caring, good-hearted woman. And as my mama heart fills up with love and pride, I want to remind you just how amazing you are!

You are a determined young girl. I remember asking your pediatrician when you were like 2-years-old if we should do something about your strong-willed . You were your own boss already… LOL. And she gave us the best advice ever: A strong-willed little girl will grow to be a strong independent woman, and you should support that. Agreed! I am so glad we had that conversation because I was worried my daughter wasn’t like most little girls, but you were a diamond in the rough honey. You’ve always been unique.

You are so creative! I am always in awe when you show me the cartoons you create, the stories you come up with, the characters and all the details. I love it oh so very much and I am excited to see what else you create my princess. You will carry this creativity to other areas in your life and will find ways to improve anything around you.

You are not a girly girl…. LOL. Why was I thinking that my princess was going be into tiaras and dresses?! I was never into it, and you, somehow, came out just like me, ha! Pink hasn’t been your favorite color, you haven’t cared much for dolls, and ballet was too slow for you. I could have not imagined what your personality would be like the first time I held you, but you have showed your true colors every day and you keep shining bright my princess. Your favorite color is green, you like playing video games and soccer has been your favorite sport so far. I love it all!

You have a soft side. You might not be into girly things, but your soft side comes when we do special things as a mommy & daughter time. You’ve made our tea time especial every time. And I love it so much when we go shopping and you suddenly become this fashion diva. Love. It!

You are perfect just the way you are! Love yourself first. The key to a happy life is self-love and self-acceptance; everything else will fall into place. As we go through life, we come to face many things that help us grow. Challenges make us tougher. Blessings will come as rewards. You will be tested in many ways, and whatever the test might be, remember to remain true to yourself and listen to your heart.

Love you my princess! Thanks for the amazing daughter you are. Happy birthday mi niña!

Happy birthday princess!


Mama Bear Kim

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