Quick Check-In

Oh my goodness, it has been a while, hasn’t it? It is crazy when I think about all that is going on in the world and where I stand against all of it. I’ve taken almost a viewer role. Not because I don’t care about any of it, or that my opinions and feelings are too strong. I’ve just channeled my energy to focus on myself and my family. So that is where it all has been sitting at since my last post. But I miss blogging so much! I figured a quick check-in wouldn’t hurt until, at least, I have more time and energy to blog again. Let’s do it!

How’s it going on your side of the world? Let me tell you that as of yesterday, the county that I live in moved categories in the pandemic reopening phases. More things opened up, since a week or two ago, but we officially moved to a new category with more things opening yesterday. With all the many changes of available things during the pandemic, I’ve taken extra time getting back to things. I wasn’t the first in line to get a haircut or my nails done when things reopened. Why? Because is not a priority to me. At least not at this time. But, I do think is critical that we support small businesses specially during these trying times. So when I do need something, I go for it. I don’t go out and about just to go out and about. I need to have a good reason to do it and even then I am taking it slowly. Is what makes me comfortable, you know?

I wish I could say I’ve been overly productive since my last post, but that would be a big lie. The pandemic has definitely taken a toll on me; or at least it has taken a toll in how much energy I exude on the daily. I still try my best to be that ridiculously annoying positive person, but I it doesn’t come as easily anymore. Elections, the holidays, and doing everything from home hasn’t been as sparkly as I wished. I am just being honest with you; I can’t just lie about it. In fact, one of the things that have become extremely important to me is the acknowledgement of ALL feelings, not just the good ones as I used to do before. So while it sucks I can’t get close to the people I love outside of my immediate household, I am grateful that we’ve made this far with a good health. I focus a lot on keeping that health on a good note for myself and my family.

I noticed some time before Thanksgiving last year, that my energy was just not as good anymore. I just wanted to take naps in the middle of the day. That is so not me! I actually hate when do I take a nap during the day because every time it has happened, I woke up with a headache and super grumpy. But I was physically tired… weird! How can one by tired of just sitting at home doing barely the minimum? At least that is what I was thinking. I quickly decided that this lack of thrive needed to change. Spoke to my doctor. Got some tests done and found out I have all these deficiencies and my body is not processing food right. Ouch! So I have been working on getting my body to a better place since. Some days are easier than others, but overall I am trying to help my body heal from the inside out. My body is my temple. I need to prioritize the most pure, optimal condition for my temple. That is how I see it. I will share more about all the findings in this healing process at a later time.

Speaking of energy, I want to remind you that is A-Ok to feel different these days. Many say that we must remain a magical sparkly unicorn to just swoosh through these times… yeah, I don’t think so! Many of us are living our first pandemic ever. And just because we have made advancements in technology, medicine, and a few social issues, it doesn’t mean we have figured it all out yet. Okkuurr! It is hard to have an informed feeling (if that is even a thing) and to make informed decisions when there is so much bias going on. A lot of the information we receive is manipulated purposely to create division. This just makes it extremely difficult for all of us to swoosh through the pandemic. That is why I wanted to check-in with you, how are you doing? If you are feeling happy, frustrated, angry, or annoyed about how things are developing these days, you are absolutely right to feel that way. Why? Because the pandemic has affected all of us in a different way. Some lost a little, others lost a lot, and a very few won tons during these times. So, yes. Your feelings are valid. Don’t let anyone try to make you dismiss them because they were affected in a different way. And even when two people get affected exactly the same, is normal to have two different reactions because we are unique individuals and we all respond different to things. Don’t forget that!

I am keeping this post short, maybe not so sweet. And that is okay. Things have changed, so have I. We need to learn how to grow from every experience. It can’t always be sweet and cheerful. That is just life. But we can always decide how we react to the things that are not sweet and cheerful. I still try my best to find the silver lining in every situation. It helps especially when the world is as crazy as it has been these days. And always, I hope that my words bring at least one person out there joy and comfort. Or at the very least, a nice distraction. Will be back soon. Promise!


Mama Bear Kim

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