Dressing like a lady: the struggle!

So I am one of those fortunate people who work in a company that is pretty laid back when it comes to what you can wear to work. Some areas like sales might require a bit more of a formal wear or at least when you are having a client meeting, but for the most part is all pretty laid back around here. And just because you can wear just about anything, I did see a girl showing to work with a see-through black lace shirt and a bright neon green bra underneath it, it doesn’t mean that you should. Right? I mean, it is a workplace so there is some type of professional etiquette that is more like common sense… so, you should be able to put 2 and 2 together and make it work. Most of the guys wear jeans and button up dress shirt. Business casual-like. But when it comes to women there is a lot more to consider, and here I am!

My “style” is the ridiculously relaxed mom. Most of the time you will see me with jeans or one of those comfy sweatpants, sneakers, and a t-shirt. I don’t apply makeup every damn day. My short hair requires little to no care (thanks mom and dad for the natural wavy hair) and I am ok with that. And while I can actually show up to work looking like that, I chose not to and present myself on a more professional way. Makes sense right? Yes, I know that my business casual look is also quite simple: dress pants, dressy flats, and a simple blouse. Done! I am starting to think I need to bring up my game a bit you know. I absolutely think that women look fabulous when they consider how to pair their items to create a stronger look. You know a red pencil skirt, with black high heels, a white blouse, perhaps a cheetah print belt with a big buckle, earrings, some bracelets and wrap it up with nice makeup. Sounds good right? But can I pull that off… can I?

When it comes to clothing, I also go through faces and as I was having a conversation with my husband this morning about my shoes, it got me thinking about my current fashion and what I want to change. I have not ever nor do I think I will soon be the kind of woman who wears real high heels. I have a few that aren’t real hight but is higher than flats and that counts, right?! And basically, if I cannot walk around all day and dance comfortably in my shoes, it is no-go for me. But I do need to get more high heels because right now I am staying in the flat zone and I want to change that.  With that also comes a more variety of colors and patterns. Black shoes are my safe zone. I like to hang in my safe zone all the time. Maybe it is time to make bold moves?…. Maybe? Now let’s talk skirts, shall we? Just today I showed up to work with a skirt and high heels and people notice it. They are asking if I have a date after, ha! It is so off for me to be dressed like this that people make comments, yiaiks! I do appreciate skirts but they are not my favorite thing.

My wardrobe cycle is pretty much the same:

  1. “Comfy mom” look for weeks if not months
  2. “Wait a minute, I have fashion sense” for a day up to a week tops
  3. “Looking like a lady is tiring but I will continue to try” for another day
  4. “Nah, ain’t nobody got time for this” for a few days which it’s usually complemented with no makeup because natural is pretty, right?!
  5. “Well, I tried but is a no-go so back to comfy mom” for another while!

So you see how it goes for me. I really wish it would come more naturally to me to wear high heels, to pair pieces nicely… you know, fashion sense stuff! But oh well, I never said I was perfect, right? I struggle with fashion a ton but I am trying my absolute best, well about 80% of the time, to be a fashionista-ish. Right about now I am at #2 of my cycle, and I am hoping to have the willingness to keep it up for a lil while and dare to try new things. What about you? What is your comfort zone when it comes to fashion?






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