I Weigh…

Have you heard of the “I Weigh” movement? I am here today to share this with you if you aren’t familiar with it already. Let’s start with sharing some info about the brilliant lady behind this movement Jameela Jamil. This sexy skyscraper (on point description by Eleanor Shellstrop) came to my life when I started watching The Good Place. I love the show! Every character is simply amazing and funny and I first learned about Jameela and her character Tahani on this show.

If you’ve watched the show, you know Tahani is rather a very special person. She always looks great, she is well-educated, knows all the cool people and I just love her British accent. She is fascinating and I cannot get enough of her! So of course I did what I do with every TV star or music artist I have a crush on: followed her on Instagram. It is not like I can keep up with everything they do on the daily, but is nice to see their posts on my feed and see what they are up to or be on the lookout for their next project. Very quickly I realized that Jameela and her character Tahani are rather very different, so I fell in love with Jameela and what she stands for.

So if you are still wondering who she is, well let me tell you she is an English actress who has worked on radio, journalism and she is also a writer. She has legs for days so it comes to no surprise she is too a model and even came up with her own clothing line a few years ago. Of course I knew nothing of  her many talents by watching Tahini do her thing on The Good Place. But the moment I started following her on IG, I knew I had found a gem! She describes herself as a “feminist-in-progess” and that resonates with me a whole lot. This is one of the reasons she started with the “I Weigh” movement on IG on March of 2018. Jameela Jamil

So what is the “I Weigh” movement about? Well to describe it in her own words it is:

A movement for us to feel valuable and see how amazing we are beyond the flesh on our bones. 

How amazing is this?! Sure we hear a lot about accepting ourselves these days but this movement aims to help us not to be ashamed if our bodies weren’t cut with society’s cookie cutter and rather realize our value is in the many things we are yet we don’t give ourselves credit for. Here are some of my favorite “I Weigh” pics for you which as you can see has gotten some other celebrities involved.

But this was just the beginning of the movement and it has only gotten bigger and stronger since. Jameela has been very vocal about propaganda/ advertising that shames people for what they look and tries to sell them a product. I mean, can we love her even more? Sure we can! Make sure to visit her I Weigh Community website to join the revolution and download the template for “I’m not Ashamed” so you can be loud and proud of yourself. I had issues with the template (or maybe it was user error) but give it a try. Below is Jameela’s pic: I'm not Ashamed by JJ


And let me tell you, getting to this point is a work in progress for anyone, Jameela included. Self-love and self-acceptance are things that come with time and effort. We need to grow physically, mentally and emotionally to be able to see and value the best in people, ourselves included. With this growth you will see changes unfold that will make you a better person. I don’t say this just as I share one of my favorite tweets from her but also as something that I have experienced for myself.  I used to think that the perfect woman was “60-90-60”. Those are the measurements in centimeters of what a “perfect” woman was considered when I was in my early teens measured at the bust, the waist and the hip (at least for Latinas it was). Since I was a teenager my measurements were bigger than that and I was in fact a skinny-ish person just proportioned differently. And as you know gaining all that weight with the pregnancies just took me further away from this “perfect” woman until a few years ago when I realized my body was perfect as is and I can always put in the effort to be stronger and just overall a better person. I should be defined for what I have to give to others and not the number on the scale or my jeans size. Jameela Jamil - tweeter post

So what do I weigh? Adding all the things that make me  a valuable person cannot be entered in this one pic I chose. I love this picture so much because I can remember how confident I felt when I took it and when I saw it didn’t feel it was maternity boudoir enough so I’ve never shared this one. But as I have gone through this journey, I realized that my body was as it most perfect moment at that time. Creating the life of my third child. I was aiding God to create a little miracle and my body is amazing for making it happen.I weigh - Kim

I would love to see your “I weigh” pics too! We are here to cheer on each other, right? Well, I am here to cheer you on and help in any way I can help you embrace your uniqueness. So don’t forget to use the official movement hashtag #iWeigh and to tag them @i_weigh. You can also tag this mama bear @fitmommy_kim_blog to help you value your weight.




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