Well, Hello There 32’s!

Happy belated birthday to me! A few days ago I turned 32. And as we know, age is merely the number of years Earth has been enjoying you, but we do too get to enjoy this life on Earth too, right?! So here I am. A step closer into mid-30’s. And let me tell you that I am happy with what I have and excited for what is yet to come. So many plans. Big plans I got! So I figured, I would share with you a brief list of especial moments that have me feeling grateful for this life. So how do we do this? 32 is a multiple of 8 and that would be a good multiple to share some highlights, so why not?!

Back to when I was 8 it is! I have two best friends, one of them I met when we were in Kindergarten and my other best friend I met when I was 8 in 2nd grade. Many great things happened that year. I remember I was baptized that year. Well, I wasn’t really 8 but it was in January of that year and that counts right?! I started in a new bilingual school which I attended for the following 8 years. At that school, I met some of the most amazing people who are still part of my life even though we live miles apart. I had my First Holy Communion. I started wearing glasses. It was the first year I had a sleepover, and actually had many at my two best friends’s house ever since. I went on my first long trip without my family. I also clearly remember that was the last time we celebrated Christmas with my dad’s family. Not every day was perfect but I had everything a child needed to be happy.

Me & BFF

My BFF and her family invited me on a long trip to Quiche. Lots of fun and first time away from my family by myself.

16. We do not celebrate “Sweet 16” back home; we have “Quinceañera’s” (ya know your 15th birthday partey!) So there was no big party for me that year but that is when we start Perito which is similar to the high school here. I attended a new school; a different school. I made new friends; really great friends that I also keep in touch despite the distance. It was the first time I wasn’t attending a bilingual school. That was nice I guess, but we had a double journey as they call it which meant I went to school all day. From 7:30 am (I want to say that was the time the bell rang but I might be lying) until 5 or 5:30 pm depending on the day.  I was most certainly a young lady and this was the year I actually had my first “official” boyfriend. What do I mean by that? Well, he was allowed to come visit me at the house after asking my mom for permission. Yup, we are very “old school” as they call it here in the US.

24. Eight years later and things were very different. I moved to the US when I was 19, and had my first baby when I was 22. At this point my life revolved around this little creature and everything we did was to give him and our unborn children a better life. The first 18 months raising our son we struggled quite a lot. We were new at parenting and our own parents were living in Central America so we found ourselves often wondering if what we were doing was the right thing. But that year things got a LOT better. After the passing of my youngest brother and my grandma the year before, my mom found herself with little reasons to stay in Guatemala so that year she moved to US to be with us! I visited Guatemala with my husband and son for the first time. We also had a stop in Nicaragua where my in-laws were living. I will tell you more about my mom on another post (she is pretty badass), but for now know she came to make our lives easier and better. It was nice seeing family and friends while I visited but it was most certainly tough personally because as you know I gained a gazillion pounds when I was preggos and over half of those were holding tight on to me. I was embarrassed to be completely honest of people seeing me with all those extra L-B-S. There were a few of course who made comments about it when I visited but I was too excited to have my mom coming back with us and also the opportunity of my family to meet my son and husband. Focusing on the positive always makes everything better. Just saying. My husband had gone back to school and he was working on that during this year to make things better for us. Loves you papi!

This is us

We baptized our son during our visit to Guate. This is us after mass.

32. I can’t even describe how much things have changed in the last eight years for better, gracias a Dios. Our family grew quite a bit since. And I am truly blessed and thankful for the gift of motherhood. I never knew how satisfying and ridiculously crazy parenting is, but here we are giving it our best every day. Career-wise, both my husband and I have had some great changes with bright opportunities ahead. Finding that work/life balance took time and still not perfect, but we are both able to be more involved in our kids school activities now that we could have eight years ago. Things like chaperoning on their field trips and volunteering in class, have been great ways to stay connected with their school life even when it is not a every day thing. We live in a part of the Bay that we both love, and our neighborhood is great. We have faced big challenges over the last eight years, but those have only made us stronger. We have a plan for our family and we are working on that every day. I by no means think my life is perfect, but I am perfectly happy with what we have and while we work on more and better things for us. I am so blessed to have made great friends here in the Bay, and I am working with a great team right now which most certainly help make things better. I am crazy in love with my husband and I look forward not just to celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary later this year but to all the great things we are working on for our family.

Kim and Diego

Had a great time with my love at Angel Island and SF for my birthday celebration.

Life is a roller coaster. Scary to some, exciting to others. I chose to live mine with an open mind, gratitude, and respect for myself and others. So once again, happy birthday to me! Because life shouldn’t only be lived but also celebrated, I am continuing my birthday celebration for another 10 days. Why? Why not! I am blessed to have so many people to celebrate with and since I can’t pack them all in one day ( or maybe I couldn’t but that would be a reeeeeeaaaally long day because I have a few), I spread my birthday celebrations over three weeks this year. So far is going great and I am hoping next year I need a fourth week because wouldn’t that be great?!


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