Challenge Accepted!

A few months ago, I was presented with a great opportunity at work. At first I thought why would I want to take on an opportunity that would mean more work for me. Don’t get me wrong, it was not the lazy blues, but more time at work means less time with my family which I don’t really want. But this opportunity came to me with no choices. Or at least I felt like I couldn’t say no to the person who presented me with it. She was entrusting me a supporting role that many people want. It was rather flattering that she could see me performing at the higher level when I was still doubting myself. But of course, it also meant I had to deliver. Raise up the bar!

So where comes the need for me to share about this? Challenges come our way all the time in many forms at home, work, our community, everywhere. During conversations with friends it came evident that not everyone embraces challenges. Don’t get me wrong, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Some people are comfortable where they are at. Being comfortable is not bad if you are happy comfortable. But if you find yourself in a comfortable situation that doesn’t make you happy, then it is time for change.  Now I might push it a bit too much getting myself into so many things all the time but let me tell you there’s always a good side to it.

So this time the growth was professionally. It was kinda like when you are always seating on the passenger side and next thing you know is your turn to drive. The responsabilities where more and bigger. It was time to take charge. So I did. It was a great learning experience. I had doubted myself for no reason. The proof was in the pudding! I had delivered and exceeded expectations of my peers and my own self. That is why I want to share this with you. This isn’t “Bragging Monthly” I promise. Is about taking a chance. Is about not letting fear stop me from trying.  I think Babe Ruth said quite well: Babe Ruth

It is a scary world we live in. So often I wonder what has happened to humanity… anger, envy, greed have taken over among many other bad things. So it is only natural that when we find something that makes us feel safe and comfortable, we feel the urge to hold unto it as hard as we can. People are afraid of taking risks, of getting hurt, of being humiliated. I am only human so trust me, those insecurities cross my mind. But a place of comfort doesn’t allow much growth, and my list of goals is long so I cannot allow fear get on the way. I know it is not easy to try and knock out of the park the curveballs life throws you, but we all sure can give it our best.

Take a chance. Give it your all. Embrance change.


Mama Bear Kim



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