NY Visit – Fashion Diary

Last week I was able to spend a few days in New York with my husband. The main reason of our trip was to attend my cousin’s wedding so we added an extra day to play tourists. Today I’m sharing with you my fashion diary for this trip. There’s so much to do in NY and you can find reviews on pretty much anything online so sharing about my fashionista tries seemed like a better choice. So let’s get to it!

Day 1. We took the red eye from the Bay Area into JFK. That sounded like a great idea when we planned but it didn’t worked out so well. My plan was to sleep during the 5+ hours flight so I could be a tad bit rested for my tourist day which was planned for Day 1. Yeah… that was not the case. I simply couldn’t fall asleep during the flight despite my great wishes for it. So we took on the day not well rested. Not ideal but we made it work.

I planned for an outfit that worked for all the walking that was going to be needed. I kept checking the weather and there was rain in the forecast for the longest. But thanks to global warming we ended walking around the city on one of the hottest days… yiaiks! This outfit was cute, comfy and great for the hot day we endured. I had my A’s hat to help with the hot sun. I also decided a small backpack was best to be out and about.

We decided it was a great chance to enjoy our very first Broadway show. So after refreshing at the hotel, we went out for the night. I wanted something comfy but a tad bit dressy for the show. I went with a silky dress shirt, jeans, flats and a small pouch. We saw The Lion King and it was amazing! The weather was certainly not our friend on day 1. After a really hot day came some rain. It was drizzling post show but we were able to walk around Union Square and grabbed dinner before the end of the day.


Day 2. Plans changed but I still had a good amount of walking. The weather was much cooler, seriously like 20+ degrees cooler thank goodness! I took this opportunity to rock my Karla & Co. t-shirt (love the Latina power her collection has), jeans, and Vans. Comfy enough to drag my luggage on the MTA to Weschester County to visit family.

Grand Central Station

Day 3. Wedding day! The morning was all about getting the bride ready for the big day. My excitement was too big to remember to take a detailed picture of the dress I wore, but here’s this one with my husband and we look good! I got this dress from Macy’s (thank you coupons for the extra discount) and I totally loved it. I ordered a few dresses that I really liked and look good on me, but this was the winner. It packed so nicely so no wrinkles or need to steam it! Amazing, right?! We traveled light so it was crucial to find a fabric that didn’t require a lot to look good or took too much space. My choice was perfect! Power Couple at Magestic Gardens

Day 4. Chill day! After dancing til late hours the night before, it was the perfect day to simply chill with the family. One of the things that I love about NY is how big and diverse the Latino community is. The markets have a great selection of Latin products and my tia went all the way out to spoil us with all the yummy Latin foods we love. I am often craving family time because in the Bay we only have my mom and brother. Most of my family is still in Guatemala. So spending Sunday chilling with family and eating tons of yummy food is definitely best day ever to me! What better way to chill and spread the Guatemalan love than with this outfit. Comfy shorts, Guatemalan Huipil, and Vans. Proud Chapina at tia's house

Day 5. It was time to head back home to our family. After a run around my cousin’s neighborhood, which I fell in love with, we went to the stores near the Hamptons for some light shopping before leaving for the airport. Hopefully in the future we get a house in Long Island because I love it there. But until then, we will have to do with the ocassional visit to my family. And back my fashionista attempts, I figured it was good to be comfy for another long flight back home. I love Levi’s jeans, I think they are so comfy, a tee, and some slip on tennis shoes. These are great when going through airport security. Easy to get on and off. I only brought this jacket on the trip… I know, not the best idea but remember I needed to travel light. But it is a light jacket so it is pretty comfy and though I didn’t think my A’s pink hat matched the rest of the outfit, well… I wore it anyway! Sometimes you just go with it and that’s just what I did. @ JFK. So long NY!

So this was my attempt at fashionista while visiting NY. When you have to pack outfits for 5 days, and include workout clothes and multiple pairs of shoes, it can get challenging. I could have brought more choices with me and do some shopping while in NY but I really, truly, madly, deeply did not want to have a large suitcase. It wasn’t that Jet Blue would charge a fee for it, but I had plan to use some of the NY public transportation for the first days and I didn’t want to be dragging a large suitcase around. That worked out great because I don’t even recall seeing any elevators on the subway. Maybe because we weren’t looking for them. But with this light suitcase, I was able to just carry it up and down the stairs as needed with no problem and that is just what I wanted.

Til the next fashion attempt!


Mama Bear Kim

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